Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Zombie Masters!

New 15mm Zombie Masters

I just got these in from Martin!
The Creepy Crawler, The Bride, The Beater, The Clown and the Biohazard Zombies! WOOT!

I hope to have these in a pack soon!


  1. check the seals on that biosuit, mate...

  2. You can't have enough zombies !!!!
    Is this a precursor of a new range or a revamp of your older figures ???

  3. VERY nice! How long will it take to make them available on your web store?

  4. Great sculpts. Any chance of getting a small pack of civilians or military in those hazard suits at some point? They would be a nice complement for your MOPP troopers. Maybe the bio-suits could be carrying laptops or pelican cases or some kind of detecting equipment.

  5. something more to add to the list to get