Friday, February 19, 2016

Rebel Minis Acquires Comfy Chair Games Miniature lines

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the acquisition of several miniature lines by Comfy Chair Games. Rebel Minis will be adding the 28mm Spinespur(Horror) and lines into their current catalog.

The Spinespur and games and properties will remain with Comfy Chair Games.  Many of you may have seen the Kickstarter we did last Fall.
The Spinespur models will be listed under Rebel Minis category 28mm Horror and be part of the new launch of a 28mm version of the Rebel Minis Red Ops 5 game system. The mechs will be added to the 15mm Sci-fi line-up in a new line being developed by Rebel Minis Director of Digital Development, John Bear Ross. 

You can see all the models available right now here:
For more information on the models, check out For more information on Comfy Chair Games and the Spinespur and games, check out