Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Modern Havok Hard Copy in Stock

We were surprised today by UPS dropping off the hard copies of Modern Havok. We also got in the hard Copies of Red Ops 5, just in time for Christmas! We have them up on the site right now here.

Hopefully, we'll have some more announcements this week!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New 15mm Weapon Sprues

We are always working on new ideas from suggestions from our customers. We have had alot of requests for 15mm weapons sprues. John Bear Ross has taken up the challenge and created these weapons sprues. These can be used for customs, terrain and all kinds of things. These will be small, but really detailed.

-The rifle called Rifle 1 is the same as found on the Model Nine sculpts, with a small bit of updating.

-Rifle 2 is the same rifle, minus the under-barrel grenade launcher.
-SAW 1 is the Model Nine rifle, but with a heavy barrel, folded bipod, vertical foregrip, and ammo drum.
-The Heavy 1 laser is also the same as found on the Model Nine heavy weapons gunners.
-Heavy 2 is basically the shotgun from hell, firing explosive grenades just like the XM-25.
-Heavy 3 and Heavy 4 are based on the XM-25 grenade launcher (google it. neat piece of ordnance).
-Pistol 1 is reverse-engineered from the Infiltrator pistol.
-Pistol 2 is a cut-down Model Nine rifle.
-Pistol 3 is a cool classic Sci-Fi anime style gun.

We are planning on releasing them real soon. Don't forget the Christmas Sale!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Sale at Rebel Minis!

Well, it is that time again! We only have two sales a year, so we make them big! From December 10th till December 24th, all of our products are on sale for 20% off our retail price!

As we learned last year, some things will sell out of stock quickly... so this year, we will be taking orders and making the packs as quickly as possible to keep them in stock during sale. Some items may be back-ordered during the sale, but if you order them during the sale, you will still get the sale price no matter when they ship (which should not be that long of a delay).

Please use Coupon Code: Rebel10
Check out!

But wait, there's more! Shipping worldwide is only $5 USD! (OK, this is our everyday shipping, but I still like to remind people.)

And that's not all! Every order gets a free 15mm miniature (of my choice, but hey, it's free!!).

The shipping of some orders may be delayed because of the Holidays. We will try our best!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 3, 2010

New 15mm Scale Jersey Barriers

While we are waiting for some new painted miniatures, I got in a shipment of Jersey Barriers. We had these created for a bunch of our modern games. I hope to have some painted examples from a game I am running soon. These are perfect terrain pieces for modern games, Zombie outbreak games or sci-fi game.
They are pretty cool. They are 15mm scale pieces, and are 10mm tall x 40mm. Each pack includes 5 cast resin barriers. You can see them here:

I hope to have some new painted stuff up soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

HAMR Sprues up for sale

I have had a bunch requests to sell some of the sprues from the HAMR suits. These are great for Kitbashing your HAMRs or other Mechs. Here are the Sprues I have up and John is working on some more as we speak.


 We have added  the new Infiltrator Bike sets up on the site. These are pretty awesome and I got the painted ones back from Battle Works Studios looking bad ass!

Speaking of Battle Works Studios, They sent me some pics of a painted MERKA and some Titans. Take a look. These are great!

Another painter, Alex,  also sent me some pics he did of the new African Military he painted up.
You can see these up at

 More green pics coming soon!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak Peek: Urban Scout-Merc and Gun Cleric Masters

Ok, so it is not Friday but I got excited when I got these in from the Sculptor and had to put them up.
So, here is a sneak peek as some new masters for some packs we are working on:
Urban Scout-Spy-Mercs

This will be a nice specialty pack that will work in a bunch of Scenarios.

Gun Clerics
So I was talking with some TMPers about command packs and the idea of  Political Officers. This gave me the idea of using these "Gun Clerics" for the Earth Force line. This will be a small pack and some Clerics may be included with the EF command packs we are working on.

Ok, that is it for now...


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modern Havok Starter Box set

I have just put up the Modern Havok Starter Box. Modern Havok is a fast paced set of skirmish rules for modern urban warfare. Designed for our 15mm modern miniatures line, these rules are based on the award winning Chain Reaction System by Two Hour War Games. The Box set has 45 miniatures and you get a copy of the PDF rules.

You can see the set here:
or Check out Two Hour Wargames site here.

Modern Havok is a standalone game and a great way to get started in the Chain Reaction system!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday!

So this week I have a new green to show you and an older green that is about ready to be released.
First up, we have the new Armored Trooper. This is a master we have been working on that features a "tight armored" shell. With is guy we wanted something a little streamlined and not has bulky.
Martin sculpted this and did a great job. We'll have some variant poses and some other weapons choices for these guys.

GILA (Hee-Luh)If you have been following this blog, you've seen this before. This is the Earth Force GILA dune buggy. John Bear Ross did this a while back but we have been tweaking it and designing some new stuff. The GILA will come with 2 Driver choices, EF or Sahadeen and features 3 weapon choices that mount to the top deck.

You can see the weapon sprue and the Sahadeen Driver in the picture. I hoipe to have them in a couple of weeks and will let everyone know.

More soon..


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Infiltrator Cycles, 5150 Aliens and Irish Hitmen up

Just a brief note.. The Infiltrator Cycles, 5150 Aliens and Irish Hitmen are up on the site for sale! Whaaa-Hoo!

More later!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday: Pulp Madness!

This Friday I have a special treat. We have been working with Two Hour Wargames on some new Pulp sets for thier Larger than Life rules. We have alot of box sets planned and the first one, Well of Souls, will be out soon. While we are waiting on the casting, Martin sent us some new greens of an upcoming set.

15mm Pulp

First up we have a digger and a bearer.  You always need some good workers (bait) on your expedition.

Next we have a portly Foreign Legion Soldier, a British Soldier and a Native with a musket.

We'll be using these for an adventure soon. We wanted to make some models with alot of Character. I especially like the fat Legionnaire. It looks like something straight out of Hollywood  :)


A sneak peek of our Modern Havok cover by Chris Ward.

Modern Havok is a game designed by Ed at Two Hour Wargames that uses the awesome Chain Reaction System and will focus on Modern/Urban Skirmish Combat!
More info on this soon!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday: Supers and 6mm

Well, it's Friday and I have some more sneak peeks at some greens. This week is a little different. This week we are going to show some greens from two new categories we are starting. Our main focus is always 15mm sci-fi and modern/horror, so to change things up a bit and for some new experiences, I am glad to announce these new categories.

15mm SuperHeroes and Villians
We don't have a name for these guys yet, but we will have some soon. My background is in comics so I have always had a warm and fuzzy for the whole comic books scene. These are sculpted by an amazing sculptor named Pierre Francois Jacquet. They kick-ass.

We have not decided who is a good guy and who is a villian. It is tough choose. If you guys have any suggestions.. let us know! I'll also have a scenario later for Supers vs Zombies.

6mm Sci-Fi
I think most people have seen our 6mm stuff, but as we get closer to launch, I thought I would show the infantry. Right now we have Sahadeen and Earthforce but will hopefully have the Titans an Scourge as well.
Here are the infantry with a APC and Merka

Here are the figs against the Gila and the Warbot

Man, this guys are small! We are working on molds and waiting for some new sculpts, but I hope to have more info out soon.

15mm BIO-Grunts
We already have some armed Bio-Hazard guys in out current modern line, but nothing with a near future/post apoc look. For one of Two Hour Wargames new games, I, Zombie, we created these guys to work with the High-Tech surviors(think Res-Evil). I mean, not everyone has to live in a shanty town when the world goes to hell :)

Well, that's it for today.I am off to work on a secret project that I am really jazzed about. More details later...


Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

Well, it's time for another Sneak Peek Friday. I just got some new stuff in that I'd like to show you.

First up. One of our new Character packs, Irish Hitmen.
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, these will be part of the Modern Havok Line.

Next up, The 5150 Alien pack.
These are Aliens straight from the 5150 Universe. The 15mm Pack will contain 1 Razor, 1 Grath and 3 Hishen. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, this is the first pack of many to support the 5150 line of rules.
Next is the new Infiltrator Bike.
We have not decided yet, but it may not come the base. It also comes with mountable gatlings. Sculpted by John Ross. Seriously, I have said it before, the John is like a Jedi of 3-D sculpting.

And finally, here are the new Homeguard Heavy Weapons
Well, there ya go! Hopefully these will be ready soon. Most of these are getting ready for molds, but I will update you when you are ready.

More updates soon!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hell's Kitchen BATREP

So my brother Scott and I got to do some gaming this weekend. Lately, we have been playing Modern Havok, the modern Skirmish game we are coming out with soon. It is based on the Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction System. We both play All Things Zombie alot, so this was easy to pick up. We went with a bank robbery scenario and Scott chose the robbers as gangers. I was playing law enforcement, so I went with some 3 regular beat cops and 3 SWAT with the higher reps.
We called this Hell's Kitchen.

This is a shot of the Board. It is a 2x2 and everything is mounted on the square. It makes it easier to pull out quickly and get into the game. I have more boards I am working on that will slide into this for a bigger map.

Here Scott pulls up across from the bank and rushes in. He leaves the Driver in the vehicle and has a lookout across the street from the bank. There are no suspicious moves made yet, so I don't activate.

Officer Dano activates and starts to investigate the parked car.
Back up is a block away at the Red Dragon Martial Arts den.

As he moves up to the car, he rolls his insight test and passes both, but the Ganger lookout Panics and snap fires. All Hell is breaking loose. Dano starts taking fire and is forced to duck back but is HIT and Stunned!

Back up arrives and have blocked off the road. Scott doesn't activate and it allows me to call in the SWAT. Who have aparently a crappy driving skill :)

The firefight has gotten ugly. The Gangers are exiting the building and with a few lucky shots (I mean, the guy was dancing through a storm of bullets) a ganger shoots Officer O'Malley... DEAD.

Now it's On Like Donkey Kong! Gangers start dropping and two gangers make a break for it down an alley past the 7- Eleven.
It was about this time, Scott brings out his Leader, out of the bank with a HOSTAGE! We immediately call a cease fire. Dead hostages are a bad thing.

While the stand off was going on, the two punks were still trying to make a get away. I sent two SWAT to intercept and got an in-sight on them as they ran across the parking lot. Braaap! One ganger is down! But not before a SWAT member is Knocked down. :(
My SWAT team member then moves into posistion behind the gunman and the hostage. He is given the word and , Pow!, the gunmen is killed(obviously Dead) and the hostage is freed.

Just another day in Hell's Kitchen.
We had a great game. Afterwards scott and I agreed he should have used the vehicle to ram the cop car and gotten his gangers out faster, but he was seeing what I was going to do and once the SWAT arrived, he was outta options. He did have one ganger make it off the board who has sworn his revenge!
Good Times!