Sunday, December 12, 2010

New 15mm Weapon Sprues

We are always working on new ideas from suggestions from our customers. We have had alot of requests for 15mm weapons sprues. John Bear Ross has taken up the challenge and created these weapons sprues. These can be used for customs, terrain and all kinds of things. These will be small, but really detailed.

-The rifle called Rifle 1 is the same as found on the Model Nine sculpts, with a small bit of updating.

-Rifle 2 is the same rifle, minus the under-barrel grenade launcher.
-SAW 1 is the Model Nine rifle, but with a heavy barrel, folded bipod, vertical foregrip, and ammo drum.
-The Heavy 1 laser is also the same as found on the Model Nine heavy weapons gunners.
-Heavy 2 is basically the shotgun from hell, firing explosive grenades just like the XM-25.
-Heavy 3 and Heavy 4 are based on the XM-25 grenade launcher (google it. neat piece of ordnance).
-Pistol 1 is reverse-engineered from the Infiltrator pistol.
-Pistol 2 is a cut-down Model Nine rifle.
-Pistol 3 is a cool classic Sci-Fi anime style gun.

We are planning on releasing them real soon. Don't forget the Christmas Sale!


  1. These are amazing and I'll order a bunch as soon as they are released!

    PS- I'd love a boxy sci-fi "heavy pistol" like a glock or desert-eagle shape if you're taking requests ;)

  2. Thank you! Have been wanting something like this for a while. Will be definately ordering some.

  3. hmm so these never got released?

  4. Curious myself if you plan to release these?

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