Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Sale Ends Tuesday April 30th!

Just a reminder, the Spring Sale Ends Tuesday April 30th at Midnight! Everything on the site is 20% off with the coupon code: Rebspring

Some Green Pics are coming soon!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Rebel Minis Spring Sale!

It's that time again!

A Spring sale at Rebel Minis! We only have two sales a year, so we make them big! From April 19th till April 30th, all of our products are on sale for 20% off our retail price!

As we learned last year, some things will sell out of stock quickly... so this year, we will be taking orders and making the packs as quickly as possible to keep them in stock during sale. Some items may be back-ordered during the sale, but if you order them during the sale, you will still get the sale price no matter when they ship (which should not be that long of a delay).
Please use Coupon Code: Rebspring

You can see everything at!

As Always, Thank You for Your Support from the Rebel Crew!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Brog Command and Brog Mortar packs released!

Yee-Haw, the new packs of Brog are in! You know you want them!

Brog Command and Heavy Weapons

Brog Mortar Team

Sculpted by alien master PF... These were painted by the always awesome Micropanzer!

You can see these and all our aliens for 15mm here:

More releases soon! WOOT!

Friday, April 12, 2013

28mm Brood-Hunter & EF Valkyrie Scout

We are proud to announce some new packs for our growing 28mm sci-fi line.
The Brood-Hunters are an alien race of giant, mutated spiders, that have slowly been advancing across the universe, and appearing on even the most remote planets. The model is about 45mm tall.
The Earth Force Valkyrie Scout pack contains one EF Valkyrie. The model is around 32mm to the eye. Sculpted by Gael Goumon.
You can see these and more in our 28mm sci-fi section

Sunday, April 7, 2013

WIP.. Steampunk British Troops

Here is a couple of shots some conversions Martin is doing to create our Steampunk British troops...

Great for Airship Combat :)

Sorry for the fuzzy pics!

More soon!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Rebel Minis Releases New 15mm Manth and Pangalactic Packs!

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of two new Manth and Pangalactic packs for our 15mm Sci-Fi lines.

Manth Command and Heavy Weapons Pack
The Manth Command and Heavy Weapons Pack contains 6 15mm Manth models. Each Pack contains a Commander, 2 Auto Pulse Cannon, a communication specialist, a Missile launcher and a Galactic Peacekeeper. Sculpted by PF. SRP $3.99

Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers
The Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers Pack contain 6 15mm alien close combat specialists. Equipped with vibro gauntlets, or "Pig Stickers" as they are known in the Legion, these former criminals are offered service in the Legion or Death! Sculpted by PF. SRP $3.99

You can see these here: along with our other Sci-Fi lines.

As always, Thank you for your support

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Painted Scourge.. something different...

I always like to see the way you guys paint up our minis. It always gives me some great ideas :)
Take a look at what Jason has done with the Scourge packs...

Basic Infantry
 Heavy Weapons

I really like that look and it gives them a very alien/mechanical look. I might need to add these as a faction in my Star Army battles....

They would also look cool as Red Skull Droids for some future Captain America Super-Hero game :)