Monday, May 31, 2010

New Greens!

I am always a little tired when I get back from shows. I have to unpack the Truck and start packing orders that came in over the weekend. While I was going through the mail I found a box from Rodrick Campbell with some of my new greens in it! Rod was one of the first sculptors I used and his stuff is always amazing. Check out the Splintered Light website here to see more of his stuff.
We are building some sets for Two Hour Wargames Adventures in the Lost Lands, so I told him I needed some adventurers.

Boy, they look Great! I am also updating my Red Ops 5 zombie line and really need an pack of military specialists. Sort of a Rainbow Six meets Resident Evil feel. So Rod equiped some of my SWAT guys and gave them more of a Hollywood/Video game feel. These guys will be perfect as Coropration baddies or as an elite assault team.

I hope to have these packs ready in the next couple of weeks..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

5150: First Contact- The Lion's Den Scenario

I never buy anything for myself. There are very few things that I just want. Well, today I got one of those things. I ordered the Startown Slums(Link) from Battle Works Studios and had Rich and the gang paint them for me. Oh man are they nice! So what is the first thing I do? I call my Brother to come over for a quick 5150 scenario. :)

We are both newbies at 5150, but for our 4th game, we had a blast and it went pretty smooth.

The Lion's Den
The idea behind this scenario is that one of the Mars resistance leaders, who calls himeself The Lion, is said to be directing attacks against Earth Forces from the Xanthe Terra Slum. Notorius for Pirates, Outlaws and Gangers, this is one bad scene.. and The Lion is in there somewhere.

The Lion: Resistance Leader(My Target)

My Homeguard Platoon is heavily supported with HAMRs, so firepower is not a problem. The problem is that with all the unrest and public out cry(Free Mars!), we don't need a violent action. My mission is to find The Lion and bring him in and try not to start anything :)
My brother's mission is to stay alive for 3 rounds once we enter the slums and then get off the board.

We enter the slums and are immediately engaged by Gangers with a deathwish. This is a great stalling tactic because I am having a hard time searching the buildings.

And my Brother had a  few tricks up his sleeve. He a couple of Free Company Space Pirates waiting to ambush my searchers. Becuase of the tight places and poor LOS, I had to becareful with the HAMRs. The Gangers were quick to engage and melee, knowing they were out gunned and there were alot of in-sight reaction checks.

Lucky for me, I found him as he was making a break for it. Unfortunately for him, my HAMR pilot had a itchy trigger finger. DAM THE ORDERS! I then paraded his body, strapped to my HAMR, back through the slum and then torched the place. Yea Earth Force!!

On a sad note, that HAMR pilot was summarily executed once he returned to base..

Monday, May 24, 2010

So, I went fishing this weekend...

... and forgot my camera.... which is ok, becuase I didn't catch a thing. We got some nibbles, but the brown trout were not biting. My wife had suggested we pack up and head to the Smoky Mountains for a weekend of fun, so I thought it would be a good time to get some fishing. I usually fish the Pigeon River.
It's very quiet and a great place just to get away.
Since the fish were not biting we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. It has a huge water park that my daughter loved. We all had a great time.. .

Well, back to packing miniatures and getting orders out. I am have some new greens up soon!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

5150: First Contact- A Snap Shot

Here's a pic from last nights 5150 game. I had more pictures but I messed up the disk :(

I was running 2 Homeguard Fire Teams with Titan Support and Recon HAMRs. I used the terrain and rubble alot to hide and "protect" my HAMRs. With a speed of 16, I could really pounce.  :) I would like to tell you I won.. but the dice were not with me.

The terrain was created by Mongo, and it kicks ass!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Random Bits and Such

Jeff and a few others have asked how the new Post Apoc guys and Gangers go with some of my older gangs. So a took a pic.

Man, you could have a really big gang if you wanted....
On another note, tonight I am in a big 15mm Stargate gate. My buddy Chuck comes up with some crazy scenarios, so it is always fun. The only thing he has told me is that my team, SG-6, is doing some RECON on Abydos after command lost contact with SG-8 (Jason's team). The Scenario he is doing is called BAD MOJO. We use modified 5150 rules and we'll be going up against Jaffa (Sahadeen) loyal to Apophis.***

Should be pretty fun. Here's a pic of my SG-6 Team. These are my US Infantry minis painted up.

Who will live and who will die!

oh, and then there is this mystery figure lurking on the table tonight.

Wish me luck, I am going to need it.

***Wow, do I sound like a Sci-Fi geek or what?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Send in the Clones.. er, I mean the 9's

I have a new pack coming out in a couple of weeks I wanted to share. John Bear Ross approached me with a cool idea, and I just had to do it. Here's the fluff and some pics!
The Industrial MacroGenetics Organic Combat Unit Model Nine
Currently, more than a hundred years after their initial introduction, detachments of artificially-grown troopers can be found in nearly every realm of human conflict. These bioengineered soldiers are known by their universal designation, the Model Nine. Defense mega-corporations maintain large stables of Nines, with vat-like organic printers ready to produce more at the push of a button. All throughout the solar system, the Model Nine is held up as the example of the ultimate expendable soldier, able to accomplish the mission without hesitation or mercy. While their legendary history is one of grim and quiet accomplishment in combat, a closer look reveals more behind the veneer of their renown.

As the 21st century reached its midpoint, the Baby Boomer and Generation X demographic groups faded into history, and Earth suffered what came to be known as the Great Population Collapse. Low birth rates among First World industrialized nations during the beginning of the century resulted in a “Youth Vacuum,” and many nations found themselves without enough able bodies to fill the ranks of their armed forces. Women were integrated into frontline combat units in the 2020s, and mandatory conscription was instated in the majority of the world’s various militaries, but to little avail.

Unmanned vehicles and man-sized robots were one answer. They proved vulnerable, though, to electronic warfare, jamming, and faulty software. An increase in low-level conflicts and asymmetric warfare made the use of expensive techno-weaponry and the First World’s fewer sons and daughters a cost too high to pay, especially in light of diminished returns. Something needed to be done.

5150: First Contact Box Set Released!

Man I am excited about this!
First Contact revolves around a rebellion on a small planet where the colonists have decided to break away from their home world. It documents the war between Earth and her first colony, Mars.

The first box set in the 5150: First Contact series contains:
•1 platoon of Earth Force Marines (21 minis)
•1 each of the Sniper Team, Missile Launcher and Autocannon
•1 platoon of Sahadeen (21 minis)
•1 each of the Sniper Team, Missile Launcher and Autocannon
This box set provides enough minis to get started in 5150: First Contact. All of the miniatures are in 15mm.

The SRP on the box set is $24.95 USD.
You can also buy the platoons separately:
-First Contact Earth Force Platoon $12.49
-5150: First Contact Sahadeen Platoon $12.49 USD

You can see these all here:
You can get the rules for 5150 and First Contact at the Two Hour Wargames website Link

Ed did a kick ass job on these.. now to paint up my army!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Painted Shots

I got some painted stuff done this week and thought I would post them. Jason and I are planning a big ATZ zombie campaign, but I want to have some other issues for us to deal with.. looters, private contractors, stuff like that. Ed over at Two Hour Wargames suggested a Biker gang, so here they are:
These bad boys will soon be menacing Chance, Colorado!

Then Jeff Kicks my ass by painting them like this:
To see better shots of Jeff's bikes, go here Jeff's Bikes

I am thinking about having a contest for Best Overall Biker Gang.. with prizes and stuff. What do you guys think?

I am also working on some elite Fireteams and Squads for 5150: First Contact. I'll start the troopers next week, with a "Starship trooper" look to them, but I went ahead and started playing with some ideas for Heavy Support in an urban situation. Here's a Titan HAMR I have done.

This HAMR will be attached to a 5 man Homeguard Fireteam. It should work as an all purpose team.

Well, that is it for now.. I'll have some more announcements this weekend. Thanks!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Bits and Such

I get alot of emails from friends asking me what I am up to as far as the new stuff from Rebel. Usually, I have some greens or some designs on the table that I get excited about posting. I do have some new stuff to show, but because work has been rough this week, I decided to take a break and do something different.
My Dad and Brother asked me to go Turkey hunting last weekend, so I left the Rebel stuff to head out in the wilderness. Boy, we had a good time! As you can see, I got my Turkey :)

I also took the time to get some painting in on an Earth Force RusFed spearhead group. This is the EF RusFed 116th. Jason and I are playing some big battle campaigns on Mars and the Russian Federation has sent some forces in to protect its' interests from the Saltol Cel of the Sahadeen. Fun Stuff!
My stuff doesn't look as good as Jeffs', that is why I get him to paint the product shots. Also, Jeff made that hanger board.

I do have a pretty cool shot of a new vehicle coming up. John Bear Ross designed this recon buggy and we are casting masters now. It's called the Gila and it will have drivers and gunners for both Sahadeen and Earth Force. I think it looks bad ass!

Well, I should have some pretty exciting stuff to show you guys this week, so stay tuned. I am off to paint a couple of fire teams for THW 5150.