Sunday, December 30, 2012

Only a couple of more days left on the Christams sale!

We have a couple of days left on the Christmas sale. So, from now until December 31st, everything on the site is 20% off! Yes, you heard right, 20% off! Use code rebel2012 when checking out to get the discount!

Oh, and Happy New Year! :)

Friday, December 28, 2012

Titan Dropship upgrade package designed by Ravenstar Studios!

Well, I was just blown away! Chris at Ravenstar Studios emailed me today with some stuff he had been working on for the new Titan Dropship that just came out. I opened the attachment and my jaw dropped! So here ya go.. coming really soon.. an upgrade/add-on package for the Titan Dropship designed by John bear Ross:

Intake hood

Intake hood Top blends right in...

Intake hood from the side

 Weapon Mounts. These will allow you to use all of the HAMR spues that John built.

This make everything modular, so combinations are endless.

Landing Skids

These can be glued right to the side of the drop pod or you could probably use magnets...

Everything goes as planned, you get the set above(with 4 mounts instead just the one shown). Chris is working on them right now and we show have info soon about availablity!!
Great Job Chris!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

28mm Valonians!

Well, Christmas came early for me this year :) Jason just sent over the painted pics of our new 28mm scale alien force, the Valonian Empire.

Infantry set w/ Commander

Some of you keen sci-fi collectors may note a similar look to the OOP Mongoose Starship Troopers Skinnie guard. When we bought the molds from Mongoose we had to make sure we did not use any of the original IP owned by Sony. So... we had Sandra Garrity redo the heads and "Bam!" The Valonian Empire :)

Valonian Commander

This giant alien race is about 35mm to the eye, so they are pretty big. The Infantry box set contain 5 Valonian Infantry Models and bases. The Commander is sold in a seperate pack. You can see them here: We have a bunch of new items coming out, we just have to do some re-molding.. heads swaps and other design changes. In the next few months we should have:

-Valonian Heavy Weapons
-Valonian Speeder Bikes
-Valonian Militia and more.

Not to mention a whole new 28mm Earth Force!
Stay tuned for more info! Out!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Sale at Rebel Minis!

With Christmas around the corner, it is time for our Annual Christmas Sale! As you know, we only have two sales a year, and we like to make them big! So, from now until December 31st, everything on the site is 20% off! Yes, you heard right, 20% off! Use code rebel2012 when checking out to get the discount!

Note: Every year, we start selling out of packs quickly. This usually has some customers upset that they have missed out. So, this year, we will keep all of the packs available in the store. We will ship out what we have in stock, and "back order" the items we do not have in stock. Once we get these back-order packs in, we will ship them out. That way, everyone can take advantage of the sale!

And don't forget: Shipping worldwide is only $6 USD! Wow!

Check out everything on the site at

As Always, Thank You for Your Support & Merry Christmas from the Rebel Crew!

Titan Dropship up on the Site!

I just got in these photos and have finally got the Titan DropShip/Gunship up on the site! Jason did an incredible Job painting this bad boy! He even took some shots with this Titan army! Take a look!


Amazing Stuff! A Big Thanks to Jason and John Bear Ross the Sculptor!  You can see it here:

And.. The Christmas Sale starts tomorrow! WOOT!

I have more posts coming up soon!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Titan Dropship Sneak Peek and Compare

I had a bunch of emails this week asking about the Titan Dropship/gunship and how it compares to the Earth Force Dropship. I decided to take a pic of one the ones I put together with with tack putty to see how it fits. Please excuse the workbench :)

Here is the ship in Dropship version up against our current model.
Here is a side shot. The 4 Gun pods mount up under the wing and you can see the forward laser.
Here is the shot of the ship on the Flight Stand.
 Here is a shot of the ship against one of my security forces. As you can see it is pretty big.

Here is a shot with extra gun pods mounted on the top wings.

After talking with John, we are releasing this ship a little differently. This will be released as a Dropship and Gunship kit. You can convert it to a Dropship or a Gunship. The Pod is a separate piece. If you don't add the pod, you can see place for your flight stand here:
Each Kit will have 6 Gun pods and a drop pod, so you can build either a Dropship or a Gunship. Jason is painting up a Dropship, so I should have them on the site next week some time. They will retail for $19.95.  I got in a few this week.. so if you can't wait and want to order one or two before they are up on the site, email me at and give me your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice.
This was created by John Bear Ross.. and he gets a gold star! More stuff coming soon!

Friday, December 7, 2012

New 28mm Hobgoblins up on the site!

We just got back some of the painted samples from Jason, so we added the Hobgoblins up on the site.

We have the Warband pack:

and the Wolf riders:

We are working on some more Hobgoblin packs.. so i hope to have some info soon. You can see these here: under Rebel28.

More posts coming!