Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Russian Suit with Titan Infantry

Just a quick add here.. Jason sent over a pic of the Russian Suit in Titan blue to give us a scale shot.

Awesome man! Thanks!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Earth Force Valkyries Released!

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the newest in our line of 28/32mm scale sci-fi miniatures. The Earth Force Valkyries pack contains three EF Valkyries with laser lances. They are around 32mm to the eye. Sculpted by Gael Goumon in amazing detail, these are a must for sci-fi collectors and gamers. Includes three plain slotta bases. SRP $14.95

Another paint scheme:


Many of you may know these as older Micropanzer models. Jason at Micropanzer and Rebel have been working togther for a while and with the launch of our newer 28mm scale lines, we thought it would be great if we brought these models into the Rebel Family :) These are some good Bug hunters :)

We will also have the Valkyrie Scout out soon. Here is a Sneak Peek:

We also aquired the Russian Battlesuits seen here:


Since we don't have a Russian force (yet!) in the Rebel Universe, I need to come up with a Good Earth Force name for these suits. Post suggestions in the comments!

Here is a Size shot with Mircopanzer's 15mm SAS(which are awesome as well-you can get those from him)

Jason will be painting up our versions with some Titans :)

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Titan Gunship Bitz pack!

I got the first shipment of the Titan Dropship Conversion Kit in today. The Titan Dropship Conversion Kit contains resin bitz to convert your dropship. Each pack contains an intake hood, a set of landing gear and 4 weapon mounts. This conversion kit was sculpted by Chris over at Ravenstar Studios.

Here is a shot Chris did of the different weapon options using the mounts. Most of the weapons are available on the HAMR sprues. You can see the landing gear on the carrier.

A shot of the intake hood.

I have sent a kit off to the painter, so hopefully we'll get some painted shots soon. Awesome work Chris!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mighty Armies Releases Sons of Horus and Mummy Kings Armies

Rebel Minis is proud to announce two new releases in our Mighty Armies lines. The Sons of Horus and Mummy Kings Armies. I asked David at Splintered Light for two armies I can use in my Sands of Time campaign and bam! here ya go!

Mummy Kings
Sons of Horus

These are the MA boxes we will have for sale on the site. Each set is $29.95

You can see the armies here:

These are the units I have for my campaign with Jason, Blevins and some of the guys in my Group. You can get the models from David over at Splintered Light Minis.
My Undead Ele-Giant and troops

My Undead Ele-Giant

Horus Chariots
We are running an 80pt campaign this coming weekend, so it should be fun :)
More pics later!

Friday, February 1, 2013

As most of you know, playing Mighty Armies is not limited to 15mm. You can play all types of sizes, depending on what you have. Well, I was talking with Dave Elmore(pzgeneral) and he offered to send me  pics and army builds of his 10mm Mighty Armies. These look great! Take a look!

Wildmen Army

Mountain Minotaurs

Gnome Necromancers

Dark Elves


Warriors Guild

These armies are awesome! I especially like the Gnome Necromancer army! I talked with Dave and mentioned that these are 10mm Pendraken Minis. Anyone else out there have 10mm armies? What about 6mm :)

We are adding his army builds to the new Army list book being worked on right now...

Oh, and you can get your Mighty Armies stuff here: