Thursday, February 14, 2013

Titan Gunship Bitz pack!

I got the first shipment of the Titan Dropship Conversion Kit in today. The Titan Dropship Conversion Kit contains resin bitz to convert your dropship. Each pack contains an intake hood, a set of landing gear and 4 weapon mounts. This conversion kit was sculpted by Chris over at Ravenstar Studios.

Here is a shot Chris did of the different weapon options using the mounts. Most of the weapons are available on the HAMR sprues. You can see the landing gear on the carrier.

A shot of the intake hood.

I have sent a kit off to the painter, so hopefully we'll get some painted shots soon. Awesome work Chris!


  1. That looks very cool. Might add one of these to my growing army. The original kit looked to sleek for my taste. But this makes it just right