Friday, January 28, 2011

Raptorz, Pimps and Mighty Armies

I had alot of people asking for the Raptorz PDF and Space base to be sold seperately. Seems alot of folks already had the minis (Thanks!) and/or wanted to had some more Alien types to the mix. Well, for those people I have added the PDF only HERE.

In Modern Havok news, we got some of the greens in the for the PIMP DADDY gang. I hope to have that pack out real soon and a few more surprises for the Modern Havok line.

Mighty Armies

Well, it has been a while since we have talked about Mighty Armies. Good news! The Book is getting laid out and will soon be headed to the Editor. As far as new armies are concerned, we will be launching some new box sets at a brand new price of $25.00! I have also been working with David at Splintered Light Miniatures and we will have about 12 new SLM armies ready to go very soon! I'll have more on that later!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Rebel Minis Releases Raptorz the Game

Rebel Minis is proud to announce our newest game! This is another great game designed by Ed Teixiera (Two Hour Wargames) for us. The 15mm Raptorz Game contains all the figures, map and rules you need to play a Raptorz invasion. Using the award-winning Chain Reaction system by Two Hour Wargames, the game allows players to hunt Raptorz in a fully modular corridor system. Each box contains twelve Raptorz and six Homeguard Marines.
With purchase, you will also be able to download the rules and the Space Corridor System. This system, designed by Paper Make iT!, is a full-color modular system. The PDF contains all you need to create your space base in just seconds after printing the many tiles available.
Here you will find corridors from 1x1 to 1x10, L-T-X joints, and several rooms from 3x3 to 8x5 - all in a 20mm grid! There is also a room with a big entrance can be used as a hangar.

All of this for only $14.95 USD!

Check it out here:

...and if you own Shuffler from Paper Make iT!, you can easily modify all the tiles and get a never-ending variety in dimension and colors!

What a Deal!

Thank You for Your Support!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Zombie Masters!

New 15mm Zombie Masters

I just got these in from Martin!
The Creepy Crawler, The Bride, The Beater, The Clown and the Biohazard Zombies! WOOT!

I hope to have these in a pack soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

V is for Villians!

Besides all of the snow down here in the South, we got in some new Greens! Pierre Francois Jacquet(PF) said that we needed some Villians, so he went back to his secret lab and , Poof! Here they are!

These Kick Ass! I really dig these guys and I especially like the guy with fireballs in his hand. John Bear Ross was the project lead on these guys and I have to give him all the credit on these Super Hero/Villian packs. We have alot more planned and some other Super News later on!

Pulp Hollywood Natives
While developing the Pulp line, we went to Ed @ Two Hour Wargames who does the Larger Than Life Game . He suggested that we do some Hollywood Natives.  I contacted Adam Gayford and he created this master.

The Natives will come with the Shield and full "Pulp Hollywood appeal!" We plan to have a pack with about 12 or so. He reminds me of the natives in the old King Solomon Mines Movie.

We'll have some more greens to show this week if I can dig out of this snow...

From the Frozen South.. out!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year and New PACKS!

As the New Year has arrived, so have new 15mm packs! Here we go!

15mm Black Widow MERCS

This 15mm all-female sci-fi gang is perfect when you need a little extra firepower and a woman's touch! Each pack contains six Black Widows and are sculpted by Bobby Jackson. SRP - $3.99 USD

15mm Government Types
Perfect for any urban adventure or scenario where CIA, FBI, ATF or other government types are needed!!! Each pack contains eight models and are perfect for modern or near-future gaming! Sculpted in amazing detail by Martin Baker! SRP - $4.99 USD

15mm Superhero pack A
Perfect for any Super scenario adventure!!! Each pack contains eleven models and are perfect for modern or near-future gaming! Sculpted in amazing detail by Pierre Francois Jacquet! SRP - $6.49 USD
Samples painted by Battle Works Studios!

PLUS: New Terrain Pieces!

15mm Jersey Barriers
These Jersey Barriers are perfect modern and near future games. They are 15mm scale pieces, and are 10mm tall x 40mm. Each pack includes five cast-resin barriers. SRP - $2.99 USD

Small Cargo Containers
This scale model that works perfectly with Rebel Minis moderns. They are a little over an 1½" long. Each pack includes three cast-resin containers. All are supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Rodrick Campbell! SRP - $4.99 USD

You can see these here

Remember, shipping worldwide is only $5 USD!
As always, thank you for your support and Happy New Year!