Tuesday, January 11, 2011

V is for Villians!

Besides all of the snow down here in the South, we got in some new Greens! Pierre Francois Jacquet(PF) said that we needed some Villians, so he went back to his secret lab and , Poof! Here they are!

These Kick Ass! I really dig these guys and I especially like the guy with fireballs in his hand. John Bear Ross was the project lead on these guys and I have to give him all the credit on these Super Hero/Villian packs. We have alot more planned and some other Super News later on!

Pulp Hollywood Natives
While developing the Pulp line, we went to Ed @ Two Hour Wargames who does the Larger Than Life Game . He suggested that we do some Hollywood Natives.  I contacted Adam Gayford and he created this master.

The Natives will come with the Shield and full "Pulp Hollywood appeal!" We plan to have a pack with about 12 or so. He reminds me of the natives in the old King Solomon Mines Movie.

We'll have some more greens to show this week if I can dig out of this snow...

From the Frozen South.. out!


  1. Sweetness and Joy!

    Stay warm there in Arctic Tennessee.


  2. And for the record, they're not villains.

    They're just...misunderstood.



  3. "You could have had them, if you only spoke Hovetous"

  4. ArmChairGeneral said...

    "You could have had them, if you only spoke Hovetous"

    They still don't know you like I do Salha!

    Nice figs when will they be ready?

  5. I plan to shamelessly mix these in with my Old Glory Zulus!