Sunday, August 12, 2018

Our New Dark Hold Kobold Kickstarter is Live!...with a 24 Hour Early Bird FREE Henchman Figure! Check it out and spread the word! Thank you!

When we created the Dark Hold Goblin project, it was to try and fill what we saw as a void in RPGs and Tabletop Games, namely Goblin characters, personalities and classes. While working on that Kickstarter, we received countless requests for more unique miniatures. One type of creature kept coming up, the Kobold.

The Horde of Kobolds is a pack of 18 pewter(unpainted) 28mm scale Kobolds sculpted by master sculptor Bob Olley. Each pack contains a Kobold General, a Shaman, Kobold Spearmen, Kobold Swordsmen, Kobold Slingers and even Kobolds with Axes!
That’s Right Folks! 18 Metal Miniatures for the $20 pledge!

Thank you for your support!