Monday, May 30, 2011

Back from NASHCON!

Well, we are back from Nashcon... What a blast! It was great fun seeing all the gang! I think this was one of the best NASHCONs I have ever been to. The Staff was awesome, the games were great and everyone was having a good time. We had our first Mighty Armies tournament and things went great. Here is a list of our winners!:

Jeff got first place. Here is Rod from Highlander Studios(right) handing off teh prize army from Splintered Light.

Fred got second place. It did not look so good for Fred at the beginning but he pulled it out!

Craig got 3rd Place. His Crossbows are deadly!

Balin got nothing. He really needs to work on his army :)

A shot of Jeff figuring out he forgot to add a Magic user to his army.

A shot of David getting ready to be destroyed by my Vampire Army!

...the tension mounts!

Fred unleashes his army of Doom!

Well, it was great fun and many thanks to the Nashcon crew, all the participants and David and Doc of Splintered Light Minis!
The next tournament will be at Origins! See ya there!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sneak Peek Friday(er, Tues): Black Sea Pirates!

Ahoy! I was holding these for Friday but after seeing them in person, I had to post them! We have been working with Martin on a new army for Mighty Armies and something with a Historical/Fantasy feel as well. Well, I am happy to announce we have gotten our first greens in on the Black Sea Pirates! We still have some more work to do, but I thought I would let you guys get a sneak peek of the first batch! So here we go... Arrgggh!

Here are some of the command/personality figures.

My favorite is the pirate with teh monkey on his shoulder here:
Here is a shot of the cannon crew. We will have an awesome period cannon coming with this set

Here is a shot of some of the the pirate  "crew".  We'll have shooting Crew units and Melee units seen here

Here is some of the "Skeleton Crew". Jeff at Mississinewa came up with the name, so, well, it stuck...

Here is a shot of the Siren. She be used as Magic user.

We are working on these and hope to have packs in about a month.. if the tide is with us :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Mighty Armies Spell Cards and Effects Chits are in!

Great News! The new Cards and Chits are in! These cards and chits will be included the official box sets. All the sets customers bought since the new release(that did not get cards) will recieve a pack of cards and chits mailed to them.

We will also have the Card/Chit packs up on the site for $1.99 for those that would like them for their armies and have not bought box sets.

I have some extras at Nashcon as well! Thanks!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Army of the Month (MAY): Vampire Lord Army

I have added a new Mighty Army up on the site. The Vampire Lord Army from Splintered Light Minis! We have added the stats here: and on the site for sale here:

We are up to 17 armies now and more coming every month! So drop by and take a look. We are also working on a page for the site that demos a little of the game play.

We will also have a new announcement soon! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 6, 2011

More 15mm Pulp Packs!

I am proud to announce our newest 15mm Pulp Adventure packs. We have been working with Two Hour Wargames to make packs for their Larger Than Life game system. Here are the newest releases:

15mm Pulp British Infantry

Whether you are in Africa or India for your adventures, these British soldiers will be perfect!! Each pack contains 21 British, and is great for Pulp gaming! Sculpted by Martin Baker. Painted by Garren Allard. SRP $10.95 USD

15mm Pulp Diggers
Someone has to open the Tomb, why should you risk your Hero? Each pack contains six diggers, and is perfect for Pulp gaming! Sculpted by Martin Baker. SRP $3.99 USD

15mm Pulp Porters
What is an Expedition without all the comforts of home! I mean, adventurers don't carry their own stuff! Each pack contains six porters, and is perfect for Pulp gaming! Sculpted by Martin Baker. Painted by Garren Allard. SRP $3.99 USD

These would be great with your Larger Than Life games!

We have more stuff coming out soon!