Monday, May 30, 2011

Back from NASHCON!

Well, we are back from Nashcon... What a blast! It was great fun seeing all the gang! I think this was one of the best NASHCONs I have ever been to. The Staff was awesome, the games were great and everyone was having a good time. We had our first Mighty Armies tournament and things went great. Here is a list of our winners!:

Jeff got first place. Here is Rod from Highlander Studios(right) handing off teh prize army from Splintered Light.

Fred got second place. It did not look so good for Fred at the beginning but he pulled it out!

Craig got 3rd Place. His Crossbows are deadly!

Balin got nothing. He really needs to work on his army :)

A shot of Jeff figuring out he forgot to add a Magic user to his army.

A shot of David getting ready to be destroyed by my Vampire Army!

...the tension mounts!

Fred unleashes his army of Doom!

Well, it was great fun and many thanks to the Nashcon crew, all the participants and David and Doc of Splintered Light Minis!
The next tournament will be at Origins! See ya there!

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