Monday, January 28, 2013

Go to John Bear Ross's Blog and read about RUM-V!

No, not that kind of Rum :)

John is starting a new series of the Rebel Universal Modular Vehicle System he is developing for us.

Seriously, go there now :)

JBR's stuff is just bad ass and he will be adding alot more...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mighty Armies Game at Chattacon

Well, we just got in from Chattacon and I thought I would post a few pics of our Mighty Armies battle. This is the culmination of a MA Campaign Jason and I have been having. We decided to finish it it the show. We have had 16 battles up to this point. Jason's Conquistadawarves has been invading my lands (guarded by my Dwarven Border army and Robin of the Shire- or better know as The Hood)
In the final battle we can choose from units that survived the previous battles to form the final battle. That is Jason's stronghold in the background.

He had some extra dwarven rangers from a skirmish army that made it into this battle. They are in the back.

I ran bowmen and scouts as sort of a hit and run throughout the campaign. "Robin" was destroyed twice in the campaign but another Robin soon took his place. That's why he is a man of Mystery!
I did have a Dwarven cannon that survived that I added into the army. We need more power once we came to the plains...

It was a fairly quick battle, the dice were not with Jason :), and here is the shot of his General surrendering to Robin.

Jason is emailing me his shots, so I should have some more pics soon. All in all, a great game.. I think I need to add in some light cav...
Off to sleep.... Later!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Greens! 28mm Dark Hold Goblins!

When I look at alot of the fantasy armies I have collected over the years, I usually see a common theme in the looks of the races. Most of the time you can look at a model and say "that's an Orc!".  I think it's because the great sculptors are often mimicked and newer models and trying to emulate that feel and look.

When we started doing the 28mm Dark Hold line, we decided to go with a classic feel (well, updated a little) to remind me of playing D&D with my old TSR and Ral Partha models.  Our Mathon figure is a great example.

A simple, dynamic look that reminds me of the "Good ol' Days". Now, why am I saying all of this? Well, we have been struggling with what to do about goblins. There is a "look" created by one of the largest game companies in the world that seeps into goblin models everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I think they are awesome... but that look is synonymous with that company. So we wanted something different. I contacted Bobby Jackson, our 28mm sculptor/ Wise Jedi Knight, and discussed this with him. We batted around some ideas and Bam! he started designing.

Our intent with the Dark Hold Goblins is to create a world. So we started with Goblin Adventurers. So here ya go, the first look at the Dark Hold Goblin Greens :

A shot of the Goblin Priest and Warrior

Our Masterful Goblin Rogue

You need a spellcaster right? How about a Goblin Witch?

and as a Bonus, each pack will include a Goblin Minion! We all need minions right?

Oh, and there are more to come...We hope to have these out in Feb. We will also be taking suggestions on other classes and even working on Goblin civilians!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mighty Armies.. A few Bad Pics from Siege

Sorry for the bad pics :) I forgot the camera and had to use the phone.

Here are a couple of shots from David's 28mm Roman vs Carthaginian army for Mighty Armies. He whipped me pretty good :) I wish I had more shots but they were just too fuzzy.

And here is shot of the the medal I won in a Medieval Spanish Game that Kyle and Bryan put on:

Great game and the start of my medal collection :) Thanks guys!
Maybe we should do Mighty Armies medals....


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Some Painted Sahadeen!

John Treadaway posted some awesome pics of his Sahadeen on TMP the other day, so I asked them if I could post them here. I like his scheme alot and I think it has given me some new ideas :)

Those aren't my Vehicles but they are still cool :)

Also check out John's website and awesome rules for Hammer's Slammers!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ok, let's be fair. We showed upcoming greens for theManth Empire, so now we need to show some love to the Brog Empire! We have had lot of people asking for some support packs for the Brog as well as command and more.. We talked with PF and once again, boom! Here are the greens. We hope to have the packs ready by early Feb when we start doing shows!

Brog Commander
Brog Squad leader
Brog Medic

Brog Mortar Team

Brog Heavy Laser
Brog Auto-cannon
Brog Sniper

Perfect to complete your Brog Faction! Nice Work PF!

More Green Pics soon!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally, the Post Apoc Gangers pack painted!

Say that 3 times :)

Well, I finally got the Post Apoc Gangers pack painted. Micropanzer did them and they look great! Yes, I know they have been out for over a year, but I have been busy! Thanks Jason!

I have some more greens sneak peaks coming up soon!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Manth Greens!

Ok, So the Manth Empire has been pretty big for us and we have had lot of people asking for some support packs for them. We talked with PF and boom! Here are the greens. We hope to have the packs ready by early Feb when we start doing shows!

Manth Command

Manth Galactic PeaceKeeper

Manth Comunications
Manth Leader
Manth Heavy Weapons

As always, PF outdoes himself! Next up are the Brog!
More Soon!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Terror-Mites Bug Hole pack :)

We had alot of people asking for a bug hole for the Terror-Mites so we have added a new pack that has Mites AND a Bug Hole:

This pack comes with the regular 5 Mites and 1 resin Bug Hole. You can see it here :

This hole was sculpted by Jason Miller and Dan Fox has another one designed that will be in a pack of "holes." We should have the hole pack ready soon... hehe.. hole pack ... lol.

Happy New Year!