Tuesday, January 31, 2012

VIPERS Available now!

Well, I am happy to announce the release of our newest Sci-Fi mecha, The Variable Payload Raider or the VIPER Suit, as the troops call them. Designed by digital master John Bear Ross, the VIPER has a modular chassis that can be fitted with multiple weapon and construction options.

There are 3 weapon versions in the first release of Vipers. MK.I-Mk. III. Also, for each version, there are 2 poses Standing and Advancing. That way you can pick your weapons and poses!

We also tried something new with these models. The models are entirely composed in resin... Bodies, sprues, everything... Now, why did we do that? A couple of reasons.

One.We wanted to see what would happen and if we could do it :)  Honestly, they look amazing and are really easy to put together. They are pretty durable and we have been very happy so far with them.

Two. Metal has been going up and down alot lately and we wanted to start experimenting with new alternatives. As I have said, we have been looking into this and John, Jeff and myself have been taking notes and will continue to evaluate an all resin "mecha". We also have to look at shipping and a whole host of other things that have popped up.

Three. The price. Right now, each VIPER has a SRP of $6.49. Right now, resin allows us to do this. The Metal Price would have been pushing close to $11... so, we are going to see how this is received.

On another note, The VIPERS are also modular. Most of our HAMR Sprues and other weapons sprues will fit, so even coming out of the gate, the design options are staggering. That is the way John designed them.  We may even have a contest on designs :)

You can see the VIPERS here: http://www.rebelminis.com/

These were all painted by Jeff Racel and see more incredible pictures of the ones Jeff painted here:
 Jeff's VIPER Pics
Jeff's VIPER Pics 2

More on the way!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mighty Armies: The Army of Robin Hood

Well, I am excited to announce a new army! I have been bugging David at Splintered Light Minis for a while now to create us a classic Robin Hood Army. Anyone that plays me knows I like a good Shooter Army. Well, here it is! The Army of Robin Hood!

and here are the stats:
General           7       4”     6,2   General, Shooting 2
Tuck                5       3”     3,1   Spellcaster
Archers x4     16      3”     2,2   Shooting 2, Long Range
Rangers x3     12      3”     2,2   Shooting 2, Scout

Woot! Pretty cool huh?
The box also contains an extra unit so you can have Tuck or a 4th ranger or archer but not both. If you drop Tuck, you can add Long Range to the General.

You can get the Army here: http://www.rebelminis.com/


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Worldwide shipping now only $6!

Well, with the postal changes this week I have had to raise our shipping charge. I did not want to, but after holding the $5 fee for 4 years, I just could not absorb the costs any more.

So, effective today, worldwide shipping is $6... and I think that is still a great deal! No matter how much you order, it is one low price to ship anywhere in the world! I'll have some new product shots soon!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Ripper Worms back in Stock

I have had a bunch of emails, so I thought I would post. The Ripper Worms are back in stock on the site!

These were sculpted by Daniel Martinez(Cacique Caribe)! These are a great add to your evil bug/worm collections!
You can see them here: www. Rebelminis.com
These were painted by the Evil Jedi of painting, Jeff Racel.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rebel Minis Releases A Walk In the Dark Game and Boxset!

A Walk in the Dark is a fast-paced set of skirmish rules for battling Nazi Zombies in a long forgotten bunker in South America. Designed for our 15mm miniatures line, these rules are based on the award-winning Chain Reaction system by Two Hour Wargames.

Players control a group of mercenaries on the run and trying to find an escape through an old abandoned (or is it?) Nazi bunker. Designed by Bob Minadeo, the game features an unique tile systems for moving through the base. The Box set with the rules and all the miniatures is $24.95. If you already have our minis... The PDF contains the rules and a map pack for the the tiles and has an SRP of $9.95.

A Walk in the Dark is a stand-alone game and a great way to get started in the Chain Reaction system.
Check it out at http://www.rebelminis.com/
Thanks and Happy New Year!!