Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mighty Armies: The Army of Robin Hood

Well, I am excited to announce a new army! I have been bugging David at Splintered Light Minis for a while now to create us a classic Robin Hood Army. Anyone that plays me knows I like a good Shooter Army. Well, here it is! The Army of Robin Hood!

and here are the stats:
General           7       4”     6,2   General, Shooting 2
Tuck                5       3”     3,1   Spellcaster
Archers x4     16      3”     2,2   Shooting 2, Long Range
Rangers x3     12      3”     2,2   Shooting 2, Scout

Woot! Pretty cool huh?
The box also contains an extra unit so you can have Tuck or a 4th ranger or archer but not both. If you drop Tuck, you can add Long Range to the General.

You can get the Army here:


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