Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Worldwide shipping now only $6!

Well, with the postal changes this week I have had to raise our shipping charge. I did not want to, but after holding the $5 fee for 4 years, I just could not absorb the costs any more.

So, effective today, worldwide shipping is $6... and I think that is still a great deal! No matter how much you order, it is one low price to ship anywhere in the world! I'll have some new product shots soon!



  1. No question, still a great deal!

  2. I agree, only a dollar more and still great value.

  3. Agreed. Six bucks? No complaints from me.

  4. Still excellent value for money, Mike. You'll just have to rev up the USPS to deliver as fast as you ship orders out.

  5. Really Good Post!!

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