Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back from the Show!

Well, we are back from Origins! We had a great time and it was a pretty good show. We were set up next to Splintered Light and right down the way from Two Hour Wargames. We are busy working to get all the orders out but I thought I would show you some pics from the show.

Here is Ben from Recreational Conflict at my booth.
 Ben is a great painter and does some of our display stuff.
Here is a nice couple playtesting the new Modern Havok Rules (well they were acting they were playing :) )
This is a ruleset designed by Ed at Two Hour Wargames based on the Chain Reaction System. We hope to have it out soon. Mat and buildings by Mongo!

Here's Dave from Splintered Light behind his booth. He had a great display. When he wasn't looking, I hid a bunch of his painted animals in the bushes and shrubs.
And here are a few shots of some new armored Earth Force greens:

Still need a little work, but I promised Top Gun Ace a few pics :)

Well, that is it for now. I have a few more updates for the Weekend.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

New HOTT(Hordes of Things)/DBA Armies

I get alot of requests for army packs. Mostly for Mighty Armies but sometimes for HOTT/DBA. I am not really familar with either system, so I usually rely on someone with much more knowledge on those systems. That someone is Mike Demana. Mike has been a huge help answering my newbie questions and explaining to me the ins and out of HOTT/DBA system. I am actually learning to play from my friend Grey Strickland, so I might be able to one day challenge Mike :)
Anyway, here are some of the new armies we will have coming out soon. Maybe at Origins next week. These packs are designed for HOTT/DBA but you can use them for Mighty Armies. I'll post the Stats for MA when I get them done after Origins.

HOTT: The Modern Zombie Horde
3 stands of Beasts @ 2 pts each " Zombie Dogs"
3 stands of Riders @ 2 pts. each  "Zombie Skateboarders"
1 stand warband @ 2 pts  "Zombie Leader and Bodyguards"
10 stands Hordes @ 1 pt each  "Modern Zombies"

HOTT: Alien Grey Army

2 Behemoths @ 4 pts. each (Mini Walkers)
1 Magician @ 4 pts (Leader)
3 Shooters @ 2 pts. each (Greys armed with shoulder-fired weapons)
3 Blades @ 2 pts. each (Greys armed with "short range" pistol size weapons)

HOTT: Sahadeen Army

1 Behemoth @ 4 pts (HAMR Suit/Walker)
1 Artillery @ 3 pts. (Gun Team)
1 Lurker @ 1 pt ("Sniper Team" )
6 Shooters @ 2pts (Sahadeen Infantry)
1 Hero @ 4pts(Sahadeen Hero)

Roman DBA Army

We have a bunch more packs being designed and I hope to hav ethese packs up on the site in the near future.