Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mighty Armies: Army Lists for the Golden Age of Mars FREE

Here is another great Army List PDF for Mighty Armies! This time, we head to MARS!

MA:GAM is just a simple(25 page)PDF with suggestions, ideas, army lists and a little bit of history here and there for playing Mighty Armies on Mars. We have mixed in some of our house rules, played around with alliances and tweaked some rules and requirements for army building not seen in the core rule book. These are just suggestions to enhance your games, they are not official changes for tournaments!**

Whether it is Historical Mars, City-State Martians or Colonial Mars, you will find some ideas and even some challenges for your own Mighty Armies games.
This list and the ones to follow are just there to spark your imagination. Our plan is to release different lists for many types of armies. So, have fun and try out some of these armies.. who knows, maybe you come up with some Mighty Armies of your own!

It's not Fancy, but it is Free!

check out the PDF and more here:



***The tournament play will stay in the core books, this is just for FUN… you know, fun.. NOT "This army is overpowered and the system is broke and I swear I will never play this game again till he stops giving away stuff for free!" and "by the way REAL elves don't do that" type fun….

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Earth Force Saber Transport Kit and a sneak peek..

We got something new in this weekend. The Earth Force Saber Transport Kit. This is a conversion kit for our current Earth Force Dropship. The kit has an open crew bay and a new intake for the wing.

We are working on a few riders but our thought is to glue a crew in there and then when playing, drop off the based figures... We are still thinking it through.. but we need a name for the ship... Thoughts?

Also, here is a shot of the wheeled version of the Titan Light Tank. The light tank body, the grav units and hover skirt are all at the casters, so I would expect them in several few weeks...

I should have more pictures soon!

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Titan Warthog Dropship Released!

We are proud to announce the release of our new Titan Warthog Dropship. The 15mm scale Titan Warthog Dropship kit contains enough parts to build a Titan Warthog Dropship with several different options.


Each set contains a resin body, six gun pods, forward laser, and flight stand, plus the conversion kit with cowl and landing gear. Sculpted by John Bear Ross! Conversion kit by Ravenstar Studios. The model kit comes unpainted and requires assembly. 24.99 SRP

Example painted by Jason Moore at Micropanzer Studios!

You can see it here, along with our complete Titan Faction 15mm line!

As Always, Thank You for Your Support!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Riot! ...... at Ghengis Con!

While at Historicon this year, one of our awesome customers Matt August dropped by to tell us about a game he ran at Ghengis Con this year. I asked him to send us pictures and a little description. Here ya go!

Description: There is going to be trouble at the G-8 summit. City officials have the police on alert, but from looking at the mob, it isn’t going to be easy. Play the riot police and try restoring order, or play the rioters and...what is your objective? looting? rabble rousing? protesting?

WOW! What a great looking game! Any time you can start a dumpster fire, you got a party! We may need to head up to Ghengis Con next year!
Thanks Matt!