Monday, October 29, 2012

Rebel Minis "Not Going to FALL IN Because of a BIG Storm" Sale!

It is with a sad heart that I am announcing that we won't be attending Fall IN! this year. We had planned to go, had our booth and were packed up and ready... but it is an 11 hour drive for us and we just didn't want to risk it.

That being said, we are going to have a Rebel Minis "Not Going to FALL IN Because of a BIG Storm" Sale! Our loss, is your gain! From Now until midnight Nov 4th, everything on the site is 20% off! Use the coupon: Noshow when you check out.

You know we only have 2 sales a year, so we must really be feeling bad to have another!!
And don't forget... shipping worldwide is just $6!

Check out the site here:

And again, sorry we can't make it!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

15mm Brog Empire Infantry!

Wow! It has been a busy week! We just got in a new 15mm Alien race designed by PF. We are calling it the Brog Empire. We have had alot of requests, so we have been working on building up our alien forces to go up against the humans. Well PF has done it again! Take a look!

Jason Moore painted these and we have them up on teh site for sale! WOOT!
You can see them at and we will have some for Fall In!

We have some more announcements coming up, so stay tuned!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pangalactic Legion Close Combat Green

Some of you have already seen this, but I thought I would spread the love around :)
PF was been working on our Legion Close Combat Specialsts. These nastly little dudes will come out soon! Take a look!


PF is kicking ass! I hope to have some more pics out soon!

Oh, in case you have not seen these. Here are come of Jeff Racel's Legion with Combat Wombat's vehicles. You can see our Legion packs here:

If you get a chance, stop by . Scott's stuff is awesome and he is a great guy! Tell him Rebelmike sent you and that he still owes Mike a shirt :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Rebel Minis Releases All Things Zombie- Final Fade Out Box Set

Rebel Minis is proud to announce our newest Two Hour Wargames box set... The All Things Zombie- Final Fade Out Box Set!

 About the Game from Two Hour Wargames:


Who knows and who cares? When you meet your first Zombie or see your first Zombie Feast all those questions disappear. All you care about is staying alive. And that’s what All Things Zombie – Final Fade Out is all about, staying alive. All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out picks you up and sticks you right in the middle of a catastrophic zombie outbreak. Where you are, is just as important as who you are, when the outbreak occurs. Because unlike other zombie games, where the zombies have been around for a while, you won’t be able to tell the survivors from the zombies until maybe it’s too late. Hell, they could even be a relative! Because it’s all happening to you just like it would on Z Day - 1. Confusion, chaos, and lack of information are just some of the challenges you’ll face when the world starts to crumble. Will you have what it takes to survive the first 30 days? After that it’s all up to you. Maybe you want to rebuild the world, as you knew it; except maybe this time with you in charge.

About the Box Set from Rebel Minis:

All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out! box set contains: 2 Civilians 2 Military 2 Cops 2 Gangers 2 Survivors and 42 Zombies! The set has a SRP of $24.95 ...Over 50 Miniatures!

You can check out the set and our other Two Hour Wargames box sets here:
As always, Thank you for your support!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sneak Peek! Reporter, Cameraman and Thief

I just got a few new greens in this weekend and I thought I would show them off.

Martin sent us the new TV Camerman and Reporter and Rod sent us a new Thief sculpt! We will be adding these to our Modern Havok and Zombie lines. I mean, someone has to report the Zombie attacks and someone has to take advantage of the chaos!

These should be out in a few weeks!

See all of our lines at:


The real Rebel Mini :)

So, Ed from Two Hour Wargames sent me this today with the title "The Real Rebel Mini"

Lol. I just had to post it :)

I'll try and post it later on