Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pangalactic Legion Close Combat Green

Some of you have already seen this, but I thought I would spread the love around :)
PF was been working on our Legion Close Combat Specialsts. These nastly little dudes will come out soon! Take a look!


PF is kicking ass! I hope to have some more pics out soon!

Oh, in case you have not seen these. Here are come of Jeff Racel's Legion with Combat Wombat's vehicles. You can see our Legion packs here:

If you get a chance, stop by . Scott's stuff is awesome and he is a great guy! Tell him Rebelmike sent you and that he still owes Mike a shirt :)


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  1. Really like those! Must add them to my other Pangalactic Legionnaires once they're available. Scotty does make some awesome kits and he's a real class act!