Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rebel Minis Unleash BUGS!

Wow! It has been a pretty good week for news over here are Rebel HQ. Well, to keep things going, I have some new packs to show you that are up on the site.. Bugs.. and plenty of them.


These evil alien bugs want nothing more than to destroy all those that oppose them! Each pack contains 5 Terror-Mites. The legs are also designed so that you can bend and pose them! These are great for any of your sci-fi or horror settings and perfect for 5150: Star Army. There is a section in the back for the stats, so these guys are ready to go!

Death Striders

These small but deadly alien bugs like to attack in swarms.They are alot like spiders... from space. But mean... real mean.... like Space Spider mean. Each pack contains 10 Death Striders. These are great for any setting, even Ancients (Just seeing if you are paying attention here).

Ripper Worms of Selenus 4

Ah yes, the famous Ripper Worms of Selenus 4. Nasty things.Known for there vicious appetites and love of human flesh, these worms are deadly predators! Perfect for your sci-fi setting on modern horror game! We are still waiting on the molds to be done on these but I expect them in about a week. They will be a major part of my Star Army Titan campaign. These guys were sculpted by Daniel Martinez of TMP fame!! Nice job man!
Oh, and all of these bugs were painted by paintmaster Jeff Racel.. of studio Jeff Racel... of the Clan Racel... there can be only one.

You can see all of these on Rebelminis.com


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sneak Peek: VPR(Viper) Suit

I am excited to show you a new vehicle/mecha we have coming out. Designed by John Bear Ross, it's the VPR Suit!

The Variable Payload Raider, or the Viper Suit, as the troops call them, is a modular chassis that can be fitted not only for hard vacuum or hostile environment combat, but also construction, mining, and exploration.  Light, sturdy, easily maintained, and able to be fitted with weaponry from EF, Titan, or any other faction. Take a look at some of these pics from the workbench.

Here is a shot of the Viper without any weapons.

Here is a shot up against one of our 15mm homeguard figures.
Compared to a HAMR suit
Here is the sprue for Heavy Weapons
Here is a medium weapons sprue with a set of Arms

Here is a sprue with a Missile system and Pulse gun. You will get 2 of these sprues.

We have a bunch of sprues planned with some variants of the body as well. Each box set will have 2 leg types, advancing and stationary. You will get 2 sets of Sprues that will give you alot of options in your build.
The masters are at the casters now and I hope to have them up in the middle of December if we are lucky!

More greens soon, so stay tuned!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mighty Armies: Black Sea Pirates Sneak Peek

Ok, We have made some advances in the pirate stuff in the last week and I wante dto show you guys a few things. First off, here is the cover to the Army Book.

That is Pretty Cool right? We are hoping to have that book done in Dec.
Oh, and here are a few more green shots on the way to the casters!

Zombie Captain

Female Zombie Captain and Long John Silver :)

And here are some more Sea Witches

Yes, there have been some delays but I am still shooting for a Dec release. Cross your bones, ahem, I mean Fingers :)