Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mighty Armies: Black Sea Pirates Sneak Peek

Ok, We have made some advances in the pirate stuff in the last week and I wante dto show you guys a few things. First off, here is the cover to the Army Book.

That is Pretty Cool right? We are hoping to have that book done in Dec.
Oh, and here are a few more green shots on the way to the casters!

Zombie Captain

Female Zombie Captain and Long John Silver :)

And here are some more Sea Witches

Yes, there have been some delays but I am still shooting for a Dec release. Cross your bones, ahem, I mean Fingers :)


  1. Nice cover. Man, I totally understand delays. Bones crossed for you.

  2. I will resist pirate and undead pirate goodness until a very large 15mm pile is painted.