Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sneak Peek: VPR(Viper) Suit

I am excited to show you a new vehicle/mecha we have coming out. Designed by John Bear Ross, it's the VPR Suit!

The Variable Payload Raider, or the Viper Suit, as the troops call them, is a modular chassis that can be fitted not only for hard vacuum or hostile environment combat, but also construction, mining, and exploration.  Light, sturdy, easily maintained, and able to be fitted with weaponry from EF, Titan, or any other faction. Take a look at some of these pics from the workbench.

Here is a shot of the Viper without any weapons.

Here is a shot up against one of our 15mm homeguard figures.
Compared to a HAMR suit
Here is the sprue for Heavy Weapons
Here is a medium weapons sprue with a set of Arms

Here is a sprue with a Missile system and Pulse gun. You will get 2 of these sprues.

We have a bunch of sprues planned with some variants of the body as well. Each box set will have 2 leg types, advancing and stationary. You will get 2 sets of Sprues that will give you alot of options in your build.
The masters are at the casters now and I hope to have them up in the middle of December if we are lucky!

More greens soon, so stay tuned!