Thursday, August 1, 2013

Riot! ...... at Ghengis Con!

While at Historicon this year, one of our awesome customers Matt August dropped by to tell us about a game he ran at Ghengis Con this year. I asked him to send us pictures and a little description. Here ya go!

Description: There is going to be trouble at the G-8 summit. City officials have the police on alert, but from looking at the mob, it isn’t going to be easy. Play the riot police and try restoring order, or play the rioters and...what is your objective? looting? rabble rousing? protesting?

WOW! What a great looking game! Any time you can start a dumpster fire, you got a party! We may need to head up to Ghengis Con next year!
Thanks Matt!


  1. Power to the people, man!

    Very nice! I have always had a soft spot for riot games and prefer them over any other.


    1. It was a blast, and I am going to run a bigger, badder version next FEB with more Rebel Mini figures! Jump over to my blog for more information: