Saturday, June 19, 2010

New HOTT(Hordes of Things)/DBA Armies

I get alot of requests for army packs. Mostly for Mighty Armies but sometimes for HOTT/DBA. I am not really familar with either system, so I usually rely on someone with much more knowledge on those systems. That someone is Mike Demana. Mike has been a huge help answering my newbie questions and explaining to me the ins and out of HOTT/DBA system. I am actually learning to play from my friend Grey Strickland, so I might be able to one day challenge Mike :)
Anyway, here are some of the new armies we will have coming out soon. Maybe at Origins next week. These packs are designed for HOTT/DBA but you can use them for Mighty Armies. I'll post the Stats for MA when I get them done after Origins.

HOTT: The Modern Zombie Horde
3 stands of Beasts @ 2 pts each " Zombie Dogs"
3 stands of Riders @ 2 pts. each  "Zombie Skateboarders"
1 stand warband @ 2 pts  "Zombie Leader and Bodyguards"
10 stands Hordes @ 1 pt each  "Modern Zombies"

HOTT: Alien Grey Army

2 Behemoths @ 4 pts. each (Mini Walkers)
1 Magician @ 4 pts (Leader)
3 Shooters @ 2 pts. each (Greys armed with shoulder-fired weapons)
3 Blades @ 2 pts. each (Greys armed with "short range" pistol size weapons)

HOTT: Sahadeen Army

1 Behemoth @ 4 pts (HAMR Suit/Walker)
1 Artillery @ 3 pts. (Gun Team)
1 Lurker @ 1 pt ("Sniper Team" )
6 Shooters @ 2pts (Sahadeen Infantry)
1 Hero @ 4pts(Sahadeen Hero)

Roman DBA Army

We have a bunch more packs being designed and I hope to hav ethese packs up on the site in the near future.