Monday, May 31, 2010

New Greens!

I am always a little tired when I get back from shows. I have to unpack the Truck and start packing orders that came in over the weekend. While I was going through the mail I found a box from Rodrick Campbell with some of my new greens in it! Rod was one of the first sculptors I used and his stuff is always amazing. Check out the Splintered Light website here to see more of his stuff.
We are building some sets for Two Hour Wargames Adventures in the Lost Lands, so I told him I needed some adventurers.

Boy, they look Great! I am also updating my Red Ops 5 zombie line and really need an pack of military specialists. Sort of a Rainbow Six meets Resident Evil feel. So Rod equiped some of my SWAT guys and gave them more of a Hollywood/Video game feel. These guys will be perfect as Coropration baddies or as an elite assault team.

I hope to have these packs ready in the next couple of weeks..


  1. A really nice SWAT update Mike ! :)

  2. Great Timing Mike, I purchased Red Ops 5 today and was looking for suitable squad miniatures. Can't wait until these are released. I'd like to run some Red Ops 5 games at some Cons here in the UK. Is there any problem with reporducing/ blowing-up some of the pics/ graphics from the rulebook/ web to use as eye-catching publicity?


  3. Hey Steve,
    No problem. I'll also get you a few figs to giveaway to players in your game. let me know,

  4. Apologies if two similar comments appear but I posted a message earlier but cannot see it, so I'll try again....(and add some bits)

    Hi Mike,

    Just want to check you're ok with something. I will probably use the newer/updated melee mechanism from ATZBDTZ and the melee rules for closed/locked doors as I feel the mechanics are better and don't add complexity. I also want to base the games in the UK so most survivors will be armed with melee weapons (again taken from ATZBDTZ) So the games won't be 'as sold' there will be a couple of 'House Rules' lifted from ATZ/adapted for the UK. You ok with that?

    I already have Zed and armed survivor minis from my ATZBDTZ collection but have no SAS/ SWAT teams or unarmed civvies. So when your new SWAT team goes on sale I'll be buying some packs of both from you and (ironically) asking you to ship them to Rod for painting. I got Rod to paint the last lot of Zeds and survivors I ordered from you a month or so ago and the results are excellent.

    A couple of questions: I intend to make the Con games 3 or 4 player games so I was intending to give them a squad each and just multiply the number of survivors to be rescued appropriately. Is this what you have done? Any tips on multi-player Con games? Reduce the squad to 3 figures? Size/number of rooms/buildings to be cleared? Any tips/ recommendations from anyone on this?



  5. Steve,
    Sorry for the late response. When I run RO5 with multiples, I cut the teams/squads depending on how many join. If I have enough, I sometimes run each person with a single mini and have them roll for the group/Squad leader. That way they can move in as a team but can move independantly if all hell breaks loose.. which it does :)

    Most con games we usually play 3 in a "fireteam/squad". I also expand the buildings into more of a complex, and use normal ATZ rules for open spaces. Does that make sense?