Friday, May 7, 2010

Some Painted Shots

I got some painted stuff done this week and thought I would post them. Jason and I are planning a big ATZ zombie campaign, but I want to have some other issues for us to deal with.. looters, private contractors, stuff like that. Ed over at Two Hour Wargames suggested a Biker gang, so here they are:
These bad boys will soon be menacing Chance, Colorado!

Then Jeff Kicks my ass by painting them like this:
To see better shots of Jeff's bikes, go here Jeff's Bikes

I am thinking about having a contest for Best Overall Biker Gang.. with prizes and stuff. What do you guys think?

I am also working on some elite Fireteams and Squads for 5150: First Contact. I'll start the troopers next week, with a "Starship trooper" look to them, but I went ahead and started playing with some ideas for Heavy Support in an urban situation. Here's a Titan HAMR I have done.

This HAMR will be attached to a 5 man Homeguard Fireteam. It should work as an all purpose team.

Well, that is it for now.. I'll have some more announcements this weekend. Thanks!

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  1. That Racel guy can make even the crappiest sculptor's meager offerings look golden. Ask me how I know...


    And allow me to second that emotion when it comes to putting tigershark paintjobs on HAMR suits. We should add +1 to their armor save or something, for being extra badass.