Thursday, May 27, 2010

5150: First Contact- The Lion's Den Scenario

I never buy anything for myself. There are very few things that I just want. Well, today I got one of those things. I ordered the Startown Slums(Link) from Battle Works Studios and had Rich and the gang paint them for me. Oh man are they nice! So what is the first thing I do? I call my Brother to come over for a quick 5150 scenario. :)

We are both newbies at 5150, but for our 4th game, we had a blast and it went pretty smooth.

The Lion's Den
The idea behind this scenario is that one of the Mars resistance leaders, who calls himeself The Lion, is said to be directing attacks against Earth Forces from the Xanthe Terra Slum. Notorius for Pirates, Outlaws and Gangers, this is one bad scene.. and The Lion is in there somewhere.

The Lion: Resistance Leader(My Target)

My Homeguard Platoon is heavily supported with HAMRs, so firepower is not a problem. The problem is that with all the unrest and public out cry(Free Mars!), we don't need a violent action. My mission is to find The Lion and bring him in and try not to start anything :)
My brother's mission is to stay alive for 3 rounds once we enter the slums and then get off the board.

We enter the slums and are immediately engaged by Gangers with a deathwish. This is a great stalling tactic because I am having a hard time searching the buildings.

And my Brother had a  few tricks up his sleeve. He a couple of Free Company Space Pirates waiting to ambush my searchers. Becuase of the tight places and poor LOS, I had to becareful with the HAMRs. The Gangers were quick to engage and melee, knowing they were out gunned and there were alot of in-sight reaction checks.

Lucky for me, I found him as he was making a break for it. Unfortunately for him, my HAMR pilot had a itchy trigger finger. DAM THE ORDERS! I then paraded his body, strapped to my HAMR, back through the slum and then torched the place. Yea Earth Force!!

On a sad note, that HAMR pilot was summarily executed once he returned to base..