Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random Bits and Such

I get alot of emails from friends asking me what I am up to as far as the new stuff from Rebel. Usually, I have some greens or some designs on the table that I get excited about posting. I do have some new stuff to show, but because work has been rough this week, I decided to take a break and do something different.
My Dad and Brother asked me to go Turkey hunting last weekend, so I left the Rebel stuff to head out in the wilderness. Boy, we had a good time! As you can see, I got my Turkey :)

I also took the time to get some painting in on an Earth Force RusFed spearhead group. This is the EF RusFed 116th. Jason and I are playing some big battle campaigns on Mars and the Russian Federation has sent some forces in to protect its' interests from the Saltol Cel of the Sahadeen. Fun Stuff!
My stuff doesn't look as good as Jeffs', that is why I get him to paint the product shots. Also, Jeff made that hanger board.

I do have a pretty cool shot of a new vehicle coming up. John Bear Ross designed this recon buggy and we are casting masters now. It's called the Gila and it will have drivers and gunners for both Sahadeen and Earth Force. I think it looks bad ass!

Well, I should have some pretty exciting stuff to show you guys this week, so stay tuned. I am off to paint a couple of fire teams for THW 5150.


  1. What rules are you running the big battle campaigns with?

  2. Looking good!

    What rules are you guys using for your Mars campaign?

    You kept your turkey spurs, right?

  3. Yay! Turkey Sammiches!

    Pass the mayo.

    And no, there is no 'd' in sammich!


  4. Lol, I kept the spurs, beard and Tail for a display I am making.

    We are using 5150 for the urban skirmish and modified FoW for the big battles. Once Tomorrows War comes out, we'll probably switch to that.

    @John- I do like my Sammiches!