Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Greens! 28mm Dark Hold Goblins!

When I look at alot of the fantasy armies I have collected over the years, I usually see a common theme in the looks of the races. Most of the time you can look at a model and say "that's an Orc!".  I think it's because the great sculptors are often mimicked and newer models and trying to emulate that feel and look.

When we started doing the 28mm Dark Hold line, we decided to go with a classic feel (well, updated a little) to remind me of playing D&D with my old TSR and Ral Partha models.  Our Mathon figure is a great example.

A simple, dynamic look that reminds me of the "Good ol' Days". Now, why am I saying all of this? Well, we have been struggling with what to do about goblins. There is a "look" created by one of the largest game companies in the world that seeps into goblin models everywhere. Don't get me wrong, I think they are awesome... but that look is synonymous with that company. So we wanted something different. I contacted Bobby Jackson, our 28mm sculptor/ Wise Jedi Knight, and discussed this with him. We batted around some ideas and Bam! he started designing.

Our intent with the Dark Hold Goblins is to create a world. So we started with Goblin Adventurers. So here ya go, the first look at the Dark Hold Goblin Greens :

A shot of the Goblin Priest and Warrior

Our Masterful Goblin Rogue

You need a spellcaster right? How about a Goblin Witch?

and as a Bonus, each pack will include a Goblin Minion! We all need minions right?

Oh, and there are more to come...We hope to have these out in Feb. We will also be taking suggestions on other classes and even working on Goblin civilians!


  1. Very nice! I like goblins as player characters, and love the way these have turned out. How about Goblin pirates?

  2. Here's an illustration I did a few years ago, it's just a sketch for a children's book I want to do. It's a Goblin pirate, maybe you can get some inspiration from it. Although my goblins tend to be more like evil Faeries so it may or may not fit what you're doing with your range.

  3. I like that alot! I'll talk to Bobby :)

  4. Those are amazing sculpts.
    I remember fondly playing a goblin wandering around a dungeon in early T&T introductory adventures.