Friday, February 8, 2013

Mighty Armies Releases Sons of Horus and Mummy Kings Armies

Rebel Minis is proud to announce two new releases in our Mighty Armies lines. The Sons of Horus and Mummy Kings Armies. I asked David at Splintered Light for two armies I can use in my Sands of Time campaign and bam! here ya go!

Mummy Kings
Sons of Horus

These are the MA boxes we will have for sale on the site. Each set is $29.95

You can see the armies here:

These are the units I have for my campaign with Jason, Blevins and some of the guys in my Group. You can get the models from David over at Splintered Light Minis.
My Undead Ele-Giant and troops

My Undead Ele-Giant

Horus Chariots
We are running an 80pt campaign this coming weekend, so it should be fun :)
More pics later!

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