Friday, December 28, 2012

Titan Dropship upgrade package designed by Ravenstar Studios!

Well, I was just blown away! Chris at Ravenstar Studios emailed me today with some stuff he had been working on for the new Titan Dropship that just came out. I opened the attachment and my jaw dropped! So here ya go.. coming really soon.. an upgrade/add-on package for the Titan Dropship designed by John bear Ross:

Intake hood

Intake hood Top blends right in...

Intake hood from the side

 Weapon Mounts. These will allow you to use all of the HAMR spues that John built.

This make everything modular, so combinations are endless.

Landing Skids

These can be glued right to the side of the drop pod or you could probably use magnets...

Everything goes as planned, you get the set above(with 4 mounts instead just the one shown). Chris is working on them right now and we show have info soon about availablity!!
Great Job Chris!


  1. I am now pushing my Titan builds back until I get these... Way cool job Chris and Mike! 8^)

  2. Very cool. Definitely adds a bit more "something" to the models.


  3. Outstanding! I might have to pick up a few of those kits. With the weapon mounts, I could convert some other vehicles with my spare HAMR bits. :)

  4. Excellent mods. Good job, Chris.


  5. Chris did this on his own or as something you asked him to do?


  6. I was wondering if we could get something similar for the Saber Dropship/Gunship? Maybe with a bubble canopy as an add-on as well?