Saturday, December 22, 2012

28mm Valonians!

Well, Christmas came early for me this year :) Jason just sent over the painted pics of our new 28mm scale alien force, the Valonian Empire.

Infantry set w/ Commander

Some of you keen sci-fi collectors may note a similar look to the OOP Mongoose Starship Troopers Skinnie guard. When we bought the molds from Mongoose we had to make sure we did not use any of the original IP owned by Sony. So... we had Sandra Garrity redo the heads and "Bam!" The Valonian Empire :)

Valonian Commander

This giant alien race is about 35mm to the eye, so they are pretty big. The Infantry box set contain 5 Valonian Infantry Models and bases. The Commander is sold in a seperate pack. You can see them here: We have a bunch of new items coming out, we just have to do some re-molding.. heads swaps and other design changes. In the next few months we should have:

-Valonian Heavy Weapons
-Valonian Speeder Bikes
-Valonian Militia and more.

Not to mention a whole new 28mm Earth Force!
Stay tuned for more info! Out!

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