Friday, April 5, 2013

Rebel Minis Releases New 15mm Manth and Pangalactic Packs!

Rebel Minis is proud to announce the release of two new Manth and Pangalactic packs for our 15mm Sci-Fi lines.

Manth Command and Heavy Weapons Pack
The Manth Command and Heavy Weapons Pack contains 6 15mm Manth models. Each Pack contains a Commander, 2 Auto Pulse Cannon, a communication specialist, a Missile launcher and a Galactic Peacekeeper. Sculpted by PF. SRP $3.99

Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers
The Pangalactic Legion Shock Troopers Pack contain 6 15mm alien close combat specialists. Equipped with vibro gauntlets, or "Pig Stickers" as they are known in the Legion, these former criminals are offered service in the Legion or Death! Sculpted by PF. SRP $3.99

You can see these here: along with our other Sci-Fi lines.

As always, Thank you for your support

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