Friday, September 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday: Supers and 6mm

Well, it's Friday and I have some more sneak peeks at some greens. This week is a little different. This week we are going to show some greens from two new categories we are starting. Our main focus is always 15mm sci-fi and modern/horror, so to change things up a bit and for some new experiences, I am glad to announce these new categories.

15mm SuperHeroes and Villians
We don't have a name for these guys yet, but we will have some soon. My background is in comics so I have always had a warm and fuzzy for the whole comic books scene. These are sculpted by an amazing sculptor named Pierre Francois Jacquet. They kick-ass.

We have not decided who is a good guy and who is a villian. It is tough choose. If you guys have any suggestions.. let us know! I'll also have a scenario later for Supers vs Zombies.

6mm Sci-Fi
I think most people have seen our 6mm stuff, but as we get closer to launch, I thought I would show the infantry. Right now we have Sahadeen and Earthforce but will hopefully have the Titans an Scourge as well.
Here are the infantry with a APC and Merka

Here are the figs against the Gila and the Warbot

Man, this guys are small! We are working on molds and waiting for some new sculpts, but I hope to have more info out soon.

15mm BIO-Grunts
We already have some armed Bio-Hazard guys in out current modern line, but nothing with a near future/post apoc look. For one of Two Hour Wargames new games, I, Zombie, we created these guys to work with the High-Tech surviors(think Res-Evil). I mean, not everyone has to live in a shanty town when the world goes to hell :)

Well, that's it for today.I am off to work on a secret project that I am really jazzed about. More details later...



  1. Very nice. Very nice. 15mm Supers are way cool!

  2. AWESOME! Looking forward to the 6mm and the 15mm BIO-HAZARD guys!

    Keep it up!

  3. Hey Mike, who is the media contact for rebel minis?

  4. PF is a true talent. These were a great aquisition.


  5. @Chance- That would be me :)

    Sales AT rebel Minis dot com

  6. Why not make all your supers pull double duty and make profiles as heroes and villians!

  7. The Bio-Grunts look perfect for my post-apocalyptic setting (which I'd play with either Mongoose Traveller rules or Savage Worlds), though I'm still undecided between them and your Titan Marines, which are also a perfect fit for S.T.A.L.K.E.R-inspired post-apocalyptic setting :)