Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

Well, it's time for another Sneak Peek Friday. I just got some new stuff in that I'd like to show you.

First up. One of our new Character packs, Irish Hitmen.
Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, these will be part of the Modern Havok Line.

Next up, The 5150 Alien pack.
These are Aliens straight from the 5150 Universe. The 15mm Pack will contain 1 Razor, 1 Grath and 3 Hishen. Sculpted by Bobby Jackson, this is the first pack of many to support the 5150 line of rules.
Next is the new Infiltrator Bike.
We have not decided yet, but it may not come the base. It also comes with mountable gatlings. Sculpted by John Ross. Seriously, I have said it before, the John is like a Jedi of 3-D sculpting.

And finally, here are the new Homeguard Heavy Weapons
Well, there ya go! Hopefully these will be ready soon. Most of these are getting ready for molds, but I will update you when you are ready.

More updates soon!


  1. Love those 5150 minis! Can't wait to get my hands on those.

  2. I would definitely say to skip the base on the bikes, unless the mold really requires it. It's better to let everyone have a chance to base it in a way that is consistent with the rest of their army.


  3. Tron bikes FOR THE WIN!! Can't wait for those!

  4. That bike came out well. Good!


  5. FINALLY! I've been waiting for the EF hard top heavy guys! Any chance the soft had guys will get some heavy stuff?

    Love the 5150 set...look forward to seeing some other packs of them!


  6. @Sgt. Apone- Soft top is coming up!