Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hell's Kitchen BATREP

So my brother Scott and I got to do some gaming this weekend. Lately, we have been playing Modern Havok, the modern Skirmish game we are coming out with soon. It is based on the Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction System. We both play All Things Zombie alot, so this was easy to pick up. We went with a bank robbery scenario and Scott chose the robbers as gangers. I was playing law enforcement, so I went with some 3 regular beat cops and 3 SWAT with the higher reps.
We called this Hell's Kitchen.

This is a shot of the Board. It is a 2x2 and everything is mounted on the square. It makes it easier to pull out quickly and get into the game. I have more boards I am working on that will slide into this for a bigger map.

Here Scott pulls up across from the bank and rushes in. He leaves the Driver in the vehicle and has a lookout across the street from the bank. There are no suspicious moves made yet, so I don't activate.

Officer Dano activates and starts to investigate the parked car.
Back up is a block away at the Red Dragon Martial Arts den.

As he moves up to the car, he rolls his insight test and passes both, but the Ganger lookout Panics and snap fires. All Hell is breaking loose. Dano starts taking fire and is forced to duck back but is HIT and Stunned!

Back up arrives and have blocked off the road. Scott doesn't activate and it allows me to call in the SWAT. Who have aparently a crappy driving skill :)

The firefight has gotten ugly. The Gangers are exiting the building and with a few lucky shots (I mean, the guy was dancing through a storm of bullets) a ganger shoots Officer O'Malley... DEAD.

Now it's On Like Donkey Kong! Gangers start dropping and two gangers make a break for it down an alley past the 7- Eleven.
It was about this time, Scott brings out his Leader, out of the bank with a HOSTAGE! We immediately call a cease fire. Dead hostages are a bad thing.

While the stand off was going on, the two punks were still trying to make a get away. I sent two SWAT to intercept and got an in-sight on them as they ran across the parking lot. Braaap! One ganger is down! But not before a SWAT member is Knocked down. :(
My SWAT team member then moves into posistion behind the gunman and the hostage. He is given the word and , Pow!, the gunmen is killed(obviously Dead) and the hostage is freed.

Just another day in Hell's Kitchen.
We had a great game. Afterwards scott and I agreed he should have used the vehicle to ram the cop car and gotten his gangers out faster, but he was seeing what I was going to do and once the SWAT arrived, he was outta options. He did have one ganger make it off the board who has sworn his revenge!
Good Times!


  1. Where did you guys get those buildings they look great in scale

  2. Those are HO Buildings I got off Ebay.

  3. So ... Havoc mods in that Active figures take In Sight Tests when they come into LoS of Inactive figures (ie. your cops were taking In Sights when they were moving and say the gangers)? I'm not sure that's a great choice in mechanics shift since it drains one of the few places the player has solid control of the actions of his guys: when/what to shoot at in the Active phase.

    Of course, maybe I'm just reading this wrong so, if so, I apologize.

  4. Looks like fun! Are the HO Buildings pre-painted?

  5. Squidlord - in real life - there's no third-person-perspective so that people acting individually can have absolute control over what they see, when, and how they react to it. That's the whole point of the system.

  6. Very nice! I really enjoy the board. I'll have to keep an eye out for some buildings like that on ebay.