Friday, August 20, 2010

The Kurgen, Space Dwarves, Cavemen.. OH MY!

Well, as most of you know, I have been pretty busy lately. I am jammed up at the real job and by the time I get home, I am worn out. That being said, I finally got some of the new packs inked and up on the site for ordering. I am going to try and get some painting done this weekend.,.. I hope :)

So, here are pics of the new stuff and some ramblings.

The Kurgen
I wanted some Aliens with character that we could play has an aggressive, mindless race.
Piers suggested the name and I like it.

Sons of Thunder
Genetically-altered terraforming workers who decide to revolt against "The Man".
What's not to like? We have a bunch of new packs planned for these guys. Around here we call them "SoTs".

15mm Cavemen
We did these guys for an upcoming Two Hour Wargame box set for the Larger Than Life System. I have been playing alot of Pulp lately and I love it. It's a nice break from the modern and Zombies.

15mm Monkey Boys

Also for a Box set for Larger Than Life. Jason calls them "Bigfoots with clubs" and we actually ran a scenario where they attacked a small town in Canada. for those keeping score at home, I lived :)

You can see all of these on the site:

I'll try and get pics of some of my games this weekend.Oh, and if you get the chance, check out Larger Than Life over at Two Hour War games here: Larger Than Life



  1. Khurgan, kool! Wonder how they compare with GZG's Alien Mercs? SoT? Oh, yes! I have just the slot for them in my Traveller campaign.

  2. All of these are very nice. I look forward to seeing these painted up :-)


  3. Mangalores,Yetis, Scrunts... oh my!!!! Looking cool as always!

  4. wow, space dwarves anyone? will the sons of thunder range be extended in the future??