Monday, October 25, 2010

Sneak Peek: Urban Scout-Merc and Gun Cleric Masters

Ok, so it is not Friday but I got excited when I got these in from the Sculptor and had to put them up.
So, here is a sneak peek as some new masters for some packs we are working on:
Urban Scout-Spy-Mercs

This will be a nice specialty pack that will work in a bunch of Scenarios.

Gun Clerics
So I was talking with some TMPers about command packs and the idea of  Political Officers. This gave me the idea of using these "Gun Clerics" for the Earth Force line. This will be a small pack and some Clerics may be included with the EF command packs we are working on.

Ok, that is it for now...



  1. I really like these! Is there an ETA for their release?

  2. Those are fantastic...this is the reason your one of my favorite companies...

  3. Love the Gun Clerics! Time to get your Gun Kata on! Ooops, too much emotion. I forgot my daily interval of Prozium.

    WARNING: The above statement is rated EC10

    Spartan 117

  4. I'll buy these as soon as they are up! Quite keen on the heavy armored earth force marines and the Gang task force agent also..

  5. More character/personality models = good.


  6. Any word on these? I need them real bad! :)