Friday, October 8, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday!

So this week I have a new green to show you and an older green that is about ready to be released.
First up, we have the new Armored Trooper. This is a master we have been working on that features a "tight armored" shell. With is guy we wanted something a little streamlined and not has bulky.
Martin sculpted this and did a great job. We'll have some variant poses and some other weapons choices for these guys.

GILA (Hee-Luh)If you have been following this blog, you've seen this before. This is the Earth Force GILA dune buggy. John Bear Ross did this a while back but we have been tweaking it and designing some new stuff. The GILA will come with 2 Driver choices, EF or Sahadeen and features 3 weapon choices that mount to the top deck.

You can see the weapon sprue and the Sahadeen Driver in the picture. I hoipe to have them in a couple of weeks and will let everyone know.

More soon..



  1. Sahadeen Vehicles that look like something out of the old Dune II computer game - simply delicious!

  2. the dune buggy looks very cool!

  3. So will you be attending Fall-in with some of these?

  4. Mike, looks like you guys knocked the ball out of the park on these sculpts! Once they are online, I will be ordering some.

    - Eric Burgess