Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HAMR Sprues/Bits Sneak Peak

Most of you know I have been talking about Sprues for a HAMR suits since we released them. Well, I just got some photos of the sprues and I thought I would share. We don't have any pricing yet, but I hope to have them released soon. John did a kick ass job on these, so I am really excited about getting these on the table. So here we go..

Earth Force HAMER Sprues

Here is a nice bits/parts sprue for the EF HAMR. The first piece on the left is a connector bit that mounts on top of the EF suit and holds the 3 missle system piece from the Gunship. Almost all of our Sci-Fi line is compatible and modular. John and I designed it that way.. well, John did, I just approved it. The next piece is a flamer unit that mounts on either arm. The Combat knife is a nice bit for deco or for conversion, as is the Rifle.

Here is a set of arms with 2 supression guns/lasers that mount on the forearms. It can be used for the TITAN HAMR as well.

Here is another set of arms with a nice modular shoulder bit. This shoulder piece will allow you to mount the large Laser from the Gunship, the Gatling-gun and a few other pieces. Sort of like this:

Also, most of these will work on the Titan HAMR as well. And speaking of the Titan Sprue.

Titan HAMR Sprue

Here is the Titan sprue. Basically, you have a Big Laser cannon, a Katana bit and a Missle Rack that mounts on the top. One build could look like this:

But like I said, there are alot of ways you could "Kit out" your HAMR.

Here is also a neat Stowage pack we will be offering.

Hi-Tech Drums, pods

Ammo cans, Boxes, Fuel cans

Stowage Deck for EF Titan
That works like this:

Whew! This update wore me out, but I am really excited! Like I said, I hope to have more info soon...price and pack designs...but I thought you all would like a sneak peek. We have alot more HAMR options on the design table, but if you have any ideas.. we would love to hear them!


  1. This is wonderful!!! I love these.

  2. Awesome Sprues man these are perfect. This is gonna add some sweet variety to my not AMP suits.

  3. Maybe a shield and some Panzerfausts?