Monday, April 19, 2010

New Titan Heavy Weapons Greens

So, I got some pictures today I thought I would share. These are some WIP greens of the new Titan Marine Heavy Weapons team. First up, Titan Marine with Missile Launcher:

Titan Marine Flamer

and the Titan Marine Sniper:

Pretty Cool, huh? I expect to have these ready in about 2 weeks.
I also got a chance to take a picture of the metals of the 15mm modern Biker Gang. Sorry for the crappy picture. I hope to have them available next week. There are 5 in the "gang". They are armed with Shotguns, pistols, chainsaws and chains. There are 2 different Bike styles. Martin sculpted the men and John did the motorcycles. Awesome stuff!

More stuff to post tomorrow!


  1. Titan Missile launcher figures would be better if he was aiming at something. Flamer is really cool too. Sniper would be better in a kneeling\prone pose firing. Still like them though.

  2. I like them as they are! You can not stand and run on the battlefield for hours aiming on an imaginary something - or stand on one leg as some of the more dynamic poses suggest. And I do not want to be accused to field kneeling/prone miniatures for making them a smaller target.