Friday, July 9, 2010

Swamp Dwellers Mighty Armies and HOTT Army

I have had these for a while but just got around to getting them ready for production. I wanted a cool lizardman style army, but wanted something with a different "look". I contacted Simon Summers and came up with these guys.

The two big giant lizardmen in the back were sculpted by Rodrick Campbell. Once we had the look, we needed a name. Ben Rodmen came up with the name Swamp Dwellers.. and I like it!

Here are some more shots:


Lizardman Giant

General and Mage

So there ya have it. I am working on the Mighty Armies Stats and here are the stats for the HOTT Army:
Swamp Dwellers (HOTT)
- Behemoths 2x 4AP = 8AP
- Shooters 3x 2AP = 6AP
- Blades 3x 2AP = 6AP
 -Hero or a Magician- 4AP

I'll have some more announcements soon!

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