Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back from Recruits!

Well, I am back from Recruits. Recruits is a wargaming con just outside of Kansas City. It is put on by the Lee's Summit High School and headed up by Duane and Laura Fleck. Let me tell you something. If you ever want to go to a show with alot of energy and excitement, you must go to Recruits. Everyone there is awesome! I can't say enough about the staff! Thanks for inviting me!

I set up with David from Splintered Light Minis and we ran demos of the new Mighty Armies rules and they were a big hit. We even had a game between David Y. and Doug that was a real nail biter! We all thought David had it locked up and BLAM, Doug's Wood Elves strike back and win.

The Wood Elves routing the Dark Elves. Maybe next time David!

I also got to meet some cool customers and even got to talk with "Smart Car" Donnie!
Donnie is very famous in that part of the country (Seriously Folks, this was one of those you had to be there things...)

I even got to meet and watch a Tomorrow's War game by the TMP Favorite Combat Wombat! I wish I could have played, but we were pretty busy at the booth. All in All, a great time!

I am back this week and working on shipping out back orders.. whew!


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  1. Mike,
    Thanks for your kind words for Recruits, sorry you won't be there this September for the release of Tomorrow's Wars. I had a great time playing Mighty Armies, even though my dice went stone cold. I've bought an Orc army that was sitting in a dusty corner of a game store and plan on converting some of my DBA armies. Great blog by the way...David Y