Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Greens: Medieval Greens and Deep ones!

Ok, first off, let me get this out of the way. I am A HUGE fan of EBob Miniatures. His animals and 28mm Rebellion line are amazing. I mean, Amazing! Well, as I was working on my Medieval Line, I decided to drop him a line to see if he would be interested in doing some of my 15mm Medieval stuff. Well, I am thrilled to annouce that he agreed and I have some of the first pictures of Greens!

Bob, sculpted us some great horses and some incredible figures. I hope to have more images soon! Can you tell I am excited? :)

Deep Ones
As most of you know, we are doing a 15mm Pirate line for our Mighty Armies universe. While I was gone, Bobby Jackson sent over some sculpts for the Pirate Monster book. The book, called, "Here There Be Monsters!" will feature all kinds of Pirate and sea going monsters. Bobby just finished the greens for these:
The Deep Ones.

These will be perfect for a Monsters army or your pulp games! The arms will be thin enough to come up with alot of poses.

Ok, More up dates soon!