Thursday, December 22, 2011

Introducing the Packs Romana!

The legendary Ninth Legion – Legio IX Hispana (The “Spanish Legion”) – was one of the oldest and most feared units in the Roman army by the early 2nd century AD. Raised by Pompey in 65 BC, it had fought victorious campaigns across the Empire, from Gaul to Africa, Sicily to and Spain and Germania to Britain. In 108 AD the Ninth Legion disappeared...

Now, in the lands of Zatariel, there are rumors of a great Army building in the West. And it's coming...

Rebel Minis is proud to announce a new army we are building for Mighty Armies! The Packs Romana*! This Roman Based Fantasy Army will be coming out soon but we have some packs already available! Take a look:

Packs Romana Wolven
The Packs Romana Wolven pack contains 6 Wolven(They are about 22mm tall) in 3 unique poses. Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy. Painted by David McBride.

Packs Romana Wolf Riders
The Packs Romana Wolf Riders come in a pack of 3. You get 3 Wolf mounts, 3 riders and 2 shields. The Riders are sculpted by Martin Baker and the Wolf Mounts are sculpted by Michael Lovejoy. Painted by David McBride!

David is painting up the full army, so we should have the Army Box sets up soon! More ways to build your Mighty Armies!

Oh, and don't forget the Christams Sale!

*Heh, get it Packs, not Pax Romana... heh.



  1. Man, those Wolven are great, lots of uses there.

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