Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pangalactic Legion Arrives!

The Legion has arrived! I got up this morning to a suprise in my Email! Jeff Racel had painted a new faction for us. The Pangalactic Legion! Sculpted by the always awesome PF, these bad boys will become our newest faction in the Rebel universe! Right now we have the Infantry pack and the Command /Heavy Weapons pack, but PF is working on more packs as we speak!

Take a look at these pics!

WOW!Seriously! These are amazing! Good work guys!

You can get packs on the site at:


  1. Beautiful stuff from PF and the Racel-meister.

  2. Ordered these!

    Waiting for them to appear in my mail box.

    Not sure how they will be worked into my universe but thinking of attaching them to the GTA (Galactic Trade authority). I think they will look cool in the GTA's trademark orange and white.


  3. Arrived a few days back!

    mighty quick to, just need a paint guide now. The ones up here look very very nice. Anyone willing to pass me their secret colors please :)