Friday, November 9, 2012

Dark Hold Adventures 28mm Fantasy Line Released!

I am very excited to announce our newest line. The Dark Hold Adventures 28mm Fantasy Line under the Rebel28's banner. We have been working with some great sculptors like Bobby Jackson, Sandra Garrity, Paul Muller and Rod Campbell to great a line of Fantasy Figures and we have alot more to come! These will all be listed under the Rebel28 brand to keep people from confusing it with our 15mm lines. Here are some of the new models!

We have a complete list on the site of the new stuff. I know what alot of people are saying right now... 'Mike! What about the 15s!" Well, let me assure you the 15s are all moving along and our 15mm line will be larger in 2013. I have been wanting to do 28mm for a while. It all started a few years back at the Origins "paint and take". My daughter really enjoyed that and since then she as been interested in playing 28mm skirmish and adventure games. Except for the Zombie games, I think the 15s are a little too much for her to get into. So, I did the Dad thing and started having figures designed :)

We have alot of cool stuff planned and right now we are working on a cool little "fast play, Beer and Pretzels" type game. we will also have a poll soon to come up with the next figures! Here are some cool pics from Jason Moore who painted alot of these!

Whew.. big week! More updates soon!

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